The Next Level in Room Utilisation

A brief Q + A session on how universities can benefit from live occupancy reporting.

1. Can you tell us how automated people counting works?

For the last 8 years DILAX UK have focused heavily on providing clients with accurate data on the number of people using an environment. Whether it be in the education, retail or public transport sector, we use the best possible resources to ensure that our reports can be trusted. We have developed a solution tailored to the education sector which we are confident can provide higher education institutions with actionable and intelligent data, making it easier for key facility decisions to be made.

2. What can the captured data be used for?

In its purest form, our data provides universities and colleges with a live capture feed on room occupancy. This provides a snapshot of current usage and any issues of free spaces are easy to identify. The live data is directly accessible through an online portal which is available to be viewed anytime. We also provide universities with historical reports, all completely configurable to the client requirements, allowing a clear overview for trend analytics and patterns in usage of space. Through analysis of all the data captured through comprehensive monitoring, overall and room specific utilisation figures can be examined in granular detail.

3. How is this different from typical utilisation reports?

From conversations had with many institutes, utilisation reports are usually only carried out once or twice in the academic year. This data is also captured through manual headcounts, often carried out by students walking from class to class. Whilst this may give you an understanding of utilisation at a certain point in time, this may not carry through the entirety of the academic year. We guarantee a minimum of 98% accuracy with our technology which means our results are dependable.

4. Do you have any recent university projects you can tell us about?

For the last 3 years we have been carrying out a project with the University of Cambridge for this very purpose. Through the use of our hardware and dedicated reporting service, we provide detailed analysis to the University that is tailored to their requirements. This has proven to be a very productive endeavour and we are now looking to provide others with similar levels of insights into how students are using their spaces.

5. Are there other applications for this technology?

We are currently expanding the application of our capabilities in the University sector, through partnerships and software integration with existing building and facilities management companies. Through collaborating with these companies, we can provide an all-encompassing service, that not only addresses room utilisation, but can also improve energy and operational efficiency. This detailed information can also be used to make important building decisions such as streamlining, expanding and redesigning.

6. Could you tell us a bit more about the potential financial incentives for universities to digitalise their people flow management?

With some of a universities funding being dependant on the effective use of its space, having a clear understanding of this area is key to ensuring appropriate finances are available to them. Also, efficient room utilisation means that staff and resources can be allocated more cost effectively, therefore reducing any unnecessary spending and allowing for more informed decisions within operational management.

7. What do you think are the next steps for DILAX?

DILAX UK are looking to use their current understanding of the industry to develop partnerships with universities looking for actionable and insightful data on room occupancy.

With our existing projects, we are looking to really drive the added value of our solution by providing more integration possibilities with other existing solutions. These are exciting times for us and we are looking forward to what the rest of 2017 has in store.

To find out more about DILAX and our solutions for the University sector, please contact our UK sales team by calling +44 1908 607 340, or emailing

by Sam Bird, Senior Sales Executive – Dilax


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