The Future is Cashless

Monitor IT provide your students and staff a single, centralised platform to manage all on and off campus spending.

Monitor IT provide your students and staff a single, centralised platform  to manage all on and off campus spending whether this be on catering, retail, print, laundry, vending or any other area.

We had a fantastic day at the 2016 Higher Education Show at Olympia, with many visitors to our stand interested in ‘going cashless’ or understanding how they might improve their cashless payment environment.

We spoke to various HE and FE organisations, all of whom had their own unique problems when it comes to driving cashless payments to help reduce the amount of cash taken onsite and promote efficiencies and better service.

Some were embarking on a cashless payment project for the very first time and were overcome with sheer number of cashless payment options available in the marketplace. Taking the first step can be the hardest – nobody wants to invest in a technology that’s promising today, but dead tomorrow!

Others had already started a cashless payment project but have found that different areas have very different needs. It is natural to think about promoting payments by a contactless debit cards at till points but what if the catering halls invest in a different technology to the Student’s Union shop? Students don’t know which payment forms are accepted where. 

We found out that tills aren’t the only places students are spending. How do they pay for their laundry and their printing? We can’t take payment at a printer or MFD via a debit card, can we? We were told students are often provided the ability to fund their print account but this is yet another form of payment! Students end up with lots of different accounts held and managed through different systems.

This has created frustrating situations for the students, where they have had no money for their lunch but had credit in their print account which they cannot transfer over.

Having multiple accounts for spending in different areas can be a burden for staff, especially when a student leaves and you then need to refund credits from multiple systems.

At Monitor IT, we provide one solution and one platform to manage spending in various areas. Students have one view of all their various accounts, be it catering, printing, laundry credits, fees and fines owed. Students can spend by presenting their ID card, transfer between accounts as required and top-up via various means – online, at a till, or kiosk.

We can even integrate with third party payments such as WPM Education. We can provide our own print management, EPOS, online shop, laundry payment and cashless vending solutions but should an organisation have these systems in place, we simply call upon our integration abilities, pulling them into the centralised solution.

As you can imagine, we seemed to generate plenty of interest at the show but cashless payments didn’t steel all of our focus as with some of the limelight taken by our newer product areas, including:

                     Room and asset booking

                     Attendance and engagement monitoring

                     Access control supply and integration

                     Visitor management


Yep, we do an awful lot! You can learn more about us and how we might help you by visiting us or calling us at: 

01494 565066


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