Sustainable drinking water

Improving profitability and environmental credentials with sustainable drinking water

The University of Strathclyde is a leading international technological University located in the heart of Glasgow. The University’s Technology and Innovation Centre opened in February 2015, home to the main conference facilities on campus.

Keen to promote its new Nourish Catering brand, as well as provide environmentally friendly and cost efficient drinking water for its conference clients, the University catering team discovered that BRITA Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System could provide the solution. June Hayes, Catering Manager, University of Strathclyde, explained: “The Table Water Bottling System has considerably reduced the amount of waste that we produce in comparison to buying in pre-bottled water, as well as the cost of having that waste removed from the campus. We also don’t have to order the bottles, have them delivered and find space to store them. One of the most important factors for us is being able to quickly offer chilled still or sparkling water for last-minute meetings. The BRITA Vivreau system means that we can respond very quickly with a professional looking branded bottle at short notice – it is literally ‘on tap’.”

The solution
BRITA Vivreau’s mains-fed Table Water Bottling System dispenses unlimited quantities of purified chilled still and sparkling water in-house, that can be served in reusable branded Designer glass bottles. The Table Water Bottling System was installed in the new Technology and Innovation Centre along with 300 reusable Designer glass bottles to service the conference facilities. Keen to promote its new Nourish Catering brand, the catering team added its logo onto each bottle as well as an environmental message. The team realised that the bottling system would offer a better solution to pre-bottled water as it would reduce the amount of waste created, as well as the time taken to order and have bottles delivered, as well as the amount of space required to store them. Reducing waste was a key objective for the team as part of the University’s Climate Change and Social Responsibility Policy, and as part of its BREEAM accreditation submission for the building.

The results
The University has broken even on the system within the first two years and saved the environment from approximately 13,000 disposable bottles a year. The Table Water Bottling System enables the University to offer a professional and environmentally friendly service to its clients. From a commercial perspective, the system is very cost effective, which means that the catering team can pass on the benefits to its clients and provide great value for money. The team charge £1.70 for a 750ml bottle of water which is much less than its competitors.

The catering team produced a fact sheet regarding the Table Water Bottling System for its hospitality clients, to promote the sustainable and environmental solution on offer. The branded reusable Designer glass bottles have been very well received – so much so that some clients have enquired as to whether they could purchase them!

June added: “The Table Water Bottling System enables us to offer a professional and environmentally friendly service to our clients. From a commercial point of view, the system is also very cost effective, which means that we can pass on the benefits to our clients and provide great value for money.

“I was already aware of BRITA Vivreau as I knew of other Universities that had invested in the system. We looked at one other company, but the solution they offered included loose bottle tops and we felt that BRITA Vivreau’s ‘swing top’ bottles would offer a much faster solution for refilling the bottles. BRITA Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System also doesn’t take up too much space and the fact that we could brand the bottles clinched the deal for us.”


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