Studybed demonstrates at ASRA

The StudyBed Company were delighted to meet all those who visited our stand at the ASRA conference in Belfast.

The StudyBed Company were delighted to meet all those who visited our stand at the ASRA conference in Belfast, and allow us to demonstrate our unique product that has proven benefits in the student accommodation arena. Not just space-saving but Space-creating, it really comes into its own in either very tiny rooms or for use in twinning situations. 

We offer a free trial; please see details below

The StudyBed combines a huge desk and a normal bed all within the same compact footprint and transforms from desk to bed mode in just 3 seconds because everything can stay in place on both the desk and the bed. 

It is extremely simple in operation and the whole item is solid and robust, coming with a 5 year guarantee . We have sold well over 5000 units now, and our very first installation of 26 StudyBeds at Portsmouth Uni in 2009 are still going strong, in daily use, and without one single issue having occurred.

Many Universities have found that they are an ideal solution for converting a Double Room into a Twin. This not increases available bed spaces at a stroke but allows for increased room revenues but with lower costs for the students. The students’ comfort level is not compromised as they have a normal comfortable bed as well as huge 6ft long desk. This is very much a Win-win situation for both University and student alike. This arrangement also allows for ongoing flexibility and can be part of any void strategy.

We have very many endorsements from several Universities who have ordered on a repeat basis. We have our own factory in the Uk and this allows us to be extremely flexible with exact sizes, finishes and design to suit your requirements

We offer a straight-forward free trial service whereby we will deliver and install a StudyBed and leave it with you for use and evaluation for as long as required, and then remove it once you have finished with it

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