Stave off germs and reduce absenteeism this winter

GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd launches a new Winter Wellness website with free resources to help higher education establishments stave off winter germs

Each winter, infection rates rise as millions of people contract influenza (‘flu’), norovirus, and other common colds and viruses. These illnesses are highly contagious and can spread easily and quickly in universities and other higher education environments.

According to the Department of Education, the total number of days missed due to overall absenteeism in 2016/17 was 56.7million. Of this, illness was the main driver, accounting for 55.3%.[1]

Considerable research has proven that the act of handwashing can break the chain of infection and help prevent the spread of germs

To help combat this and prevent the spread of infection, GOJO has launched This innovative site features high-quality and informative resources, designed to encourage hand hygiene and protect the health and wellbeing of both students and staff alike. Considerable research has proven that the act of handwashing can break the chain of infection and help prevent the spread of germs.

The marketing suite on the site features a range of materials, specifically designed for education settings, including posters, infographics, checklists and placement guides. Available to view and download for free in English, French and German, these resources can be used online or throughout a building to help improve hand hygiene awareness and compliance.

Chris Wakefield, vice-president, European marketing & product development, GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd comments: “Winter infections can spread like wildfire in colleges and universities. After all, germs thrive in environments where people come into constant contact with each other – and lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and halls of residence are a haven for them.

Highly contagious winter viruses can have a significant impact on a student’s education. In fact, in one study, 36% said that illness affected their academic performance[2]. At a time when germs peak, taking an extra step to promote healthy hand hygiene behaviour can help curb these infections. This not only results in reduced levels of absenteeism but also, ultimately, better academic performance and higher grades.”

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[2]  American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment: Reference Group Executive Summary Spring 2006. Baltimore: American College Health Association; 2006

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