SALTO Access Control – the next level of security systems

Security systems protect your most valuable assets – your staff, students and campuses.

Technology moves fast and making sure your systems will be future proofed is becoming more important than ever for many universities and colleges. This is particularly so for security systems, after all, these protect your most valuable assets – your staff, students and campuses.

Door access control systems have rapidly developed to take advantage of new technologies, including wireless, cloud and smartphones. A recent BBC article “Will keys become a thing of the past?” (31st July 17) highlights how smartphones and watches are set to replace keys, SALTO have been leading from the front in this area, with their innovative JustIN solution – click here to learn more. Briefly, JustIN turns your smartphone into your key and when combined with SALTO Mobile Virtual Network (mVN) the phone is used to update door and user credentials.

Keys as a Service

Another SALTO innovation is their cloud based access control solution, SALTO KS (Keys as a Service) – this leverages the power of the cloud to deliver a truly effective solution, which is managed via a laptop, tablet or smartphone. SALTO KS gives users the ability to manage their buildings from anywhere and at any time – doors can be remotely opened or locked, user rights can be changed or fobs can be blacklisted, all at the press of a button and from anywhere with an internet connection. This offers building managers an incredibly flexible way to manage their premises and users. SALTO KS has security at its heart and is designed with SALTO’s trademark style, so not only practical, it looks beautiful too. Find out more about SALTO KS by clicking here.

Elegant Simplicity

At the core of every SALTO solution is an elegant simplicity, which delivers powerful access control solutions that draw on the very latest technological advances – the benefits SALTO customers enjoy are easy to see:

·         Intuitive and easy to use

·         Beautifully designed door furniture

·         Simple installation with minimal disruption

·         Easy to integrate with other systems

·         Real time control

·         Innovative add-ons – Energy Saving Devices (ESD) and BioCote® Anti-Bacterial door coatings

No matter which security systems you decide on, chances are it won’t be a low cost purchase, so you need to know that whatever contracts you enter into offer the ability to upgrade both hardware and software. Upgrades should come as part of an ongoing maintenance contract and depending on your supplier, be free or at a reasonable cost and involve minimum disruption – so you keep on enjoying the next level of security for your business.

AIT are a certified SALTO partner and systems integrators, to find out more about how we can take your security to the next level give us a call on 0113 273 0300 or email

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