Rise in co-habitation in UK student accommodation sector

This Valentine’s Day, university relationships have been highlighted by rise in shared student digs

For those who are already in a relationship, moving away to university can spell make or break time. With thoughts of Freshers’ wild nights, making new friends, the pressures of study, not to mention the hardships that come with sustaining a long-distance relationship, this already difficult time can be made even harder for those with a partner left behind.

Whilst couples have historically either split up or navigated the relationship from afar, there is now a third option. Made viable thanks to the evolution in the UK student accommodation market, it seems that today, love is in the air for many couples who are bridging the divide that distance can bring by living together whilst one or both parties undertakes their degree.

Luxury student accommodation provider Collegiate AC has certainly noticed this as a growing trend. Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, explains more: ‘Recently we have seen applications for accommodation from growing numbers of couples, some of whom are both studying and some where one of the partners is and the other is in full-time employment. Our spacious accommodation suits the requirements of couples, allowing them to cohabit successfully, with the space needed to provide a stress-free environment that will be to the benefit, rather than the detriment, of their relationship.

‘Feedback we have received from couples who have lived together [in Collegiate AC accommodation] has also revealed that they find the additional facilities on offer a great bonus too. Luxury lounges, games rooms or a private cinema room ensures that not only can couples enjoy their time together, they can also have their own space and pursue their own interests whilst living together – vital in any healthy relationship!’


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