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Sponsored: The PrefectIrus CU3 is packed now emails you to warn of reduced light levels, failing ventilation or faulty third-party components

Its algorithms cleverly learn the environmental conditions for individual rooms – how much heat is required, the time it takes to reach temperature, dissipation rates, along with sensors for lighting, sound and humidity levels. The software then balances comfort and energy use for the benefit of both students and energy managers.

All of these features are available to managers on the comprehensive user display, which is connected to the central controller. This accepts and interprets data from individual room nodes via the existing electrical wiring within the building. Using mainsborne signalling means the system is quick and cost effective to install, with very little disruption to infrastructure. Better still it does not need rooms to be unoccupied so installation can be carried out at any time of the year, not just during holiday periods.

Students are able to control the comfort of their environment, safe in the knowledge that they cannot waste energy by leaving the heat on high when they go out or if windows are opened. Meanwhile energy managers can use the PrefectIrus system for all the data they need to monitor, measure and manage the heating, lighting, water and wellbeing of their students’ environment, without the excessive complexities and cost of a traditional building energy management system.

New additions to Irus CU3 include:

Integrated PIR Negating the need for a second box on the wall, the integrated PIR senses occupancy and controls heat input accordingly

– The Db sound level monitor Managers will be able to log sound levels to provide evidence of antisocial noise levels and pinpoint the source

– Lux sensor This new feature monitors light levels, switching room lights off when unnecessarily left on, alerts are sent to managers should there be unusual levels of light at certain times indicating failing or faulty lighting components

Humidity sensor The level of humidity within a room can indicate a failing ventilation system, this would then be brought to the manager’s attention. Likewise the illicit use of cooking equipment can be detected and discouraged.

These innovations complement the existing features, such as absence detection, via the new integrated PIR; ‘Window open’, now detected by rapid lowering of temperature as opposed to sensors attached to the window; Proportional control – the ‘learning algorithm’ reads the temperature in a room continuously and measures the difference between the actual and target temperature. The valve on the radiator has quicker response times and opens and closes with increased frequency enabling greater control. Therefore a far more consistent temperature level is maintained.

The energy efficiency benefits of PrefectIrus are now complemented by maintenance and compliance benefits. These include: the detection of faulty or failing third-party components; Email alerts, for example, to water being over heated to potentially scalding levels; the compilation of evidence regarding lighting and sound levels. These all add up to a system that punches above its weight in the realm of building energy management systems. This ensures accommodation managers can guarantee that they are providing an environment conducive to study.

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