PrefectIRUS given efficiency boost

The centrally controlled, multi occupancy energy management system, PrefectIrus, is now even better

For many years Irus has been providing cleverly simple control of energy use in student accommodation. Enabling energy supervisors to monitor, measure and manage use of energy in individual rooms via from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Two significant developments for hot water radiator or ‘wet’ installations have recently been introduced helping Irus to make even greater energy savings.

The first new feature, Valve Service Cycling, ensures that valves do not ‘seize up’ when unused for a length of time, such as during the summer months. This is achieved by programming the valves to open and close automatically throughout the low-use period. 

The second development is Proportional Control, which maximises the efficiency of heat from hot water radiators. The issue with ‘Wet’ systems is that when the target temperature is reached the thermostat turns off the valve, but the temperature continues to rise and then fall less controllably than, for example, with electric panel heaters. 

The new Proportional Control ‘learning algorithm’ monitors the temperature continuously and measures the difference between the actual and the target temperatures. The valves open and close more frequently enabling greater control. Therefore a far more consistent temperature level is maintained.

Glen Golding MD of Prefect said: “If you imagine a graph with target temperature plotted with a horizontal line and a wave demonstrating the peaks and troughs. We are now able to maintain temperatures more consistently by controlling the ‘over and under – target heat’ margins. This results in far more efficient use of energy and therefore real money savings.”

Due to greater numbers of new-build student accommodation employing hot water heating systems, because of CO2 and carbon considerations, along with the easy minimal-mess retrofit to older buildings of the Prefect system, this critical control means Irus is the perfect partner to maximise the most efficient use of energy in all multi-occupancy buildings.

For more information about PrefectIrus please call 01787 320604 or visit


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