PrefectIrus for student wellbeing

Do your student rooms inform you of nuisance noise, failing lights, humidity levels and hot water temperatures?

Students are entitled to an environment conducive to studying. This means their room should be comfortable, warm, light, safe and free from distractions.

Prefectirus provides data for accommodation managers to prove that their rooms comply with regulations pertaining to health (legionella in water, for example), noise, lighting and warmth.

If a student is distracted from studies by unnecessary noise it can be difficult to prove from where it is emanating.

The db sound level monitor that is built into the Prefectirus CU3 hears but doesn’t listen. It provides a record of sound levels within each room and alerts managers should these exceed acceptable limits. They then have the evidence to prove the source and times when anti-social noise is occurring.

The light sensor within Prefectirus continually monitors light levels within the room and establishes a pattern for different lighting conditions – daylight, artificial, nighttime, etc. When an unusual level is detected the system alerts the manager who can then assess whether there is a blown bulb or some other failure of component causing the problem. As with the db monitor accommodation managers will have data, in this case to show lighting levels in individual rooms over given times.

Prefectirus also has a built-in humidity sensor. This monitors levels of humidity in individual rooms and any unexpected rise can then be investigated. Accommodation managers will be able to determine whether there is an issue with a failed ventilation system that could lead to dampness and mould growth, or, it could be explained by unauthorised or illicit use of cooking equipment in bedrooms which could potentially be a real safety issue.

But Prefect’s commitment to student wellbeing is not confined to monitoring the immediate environment.

The Prefectirus system monitors and can be programmed to send out email warnings to alert management to a number of problems concerning the heating, lighting and water provision.

Whether they relate directly to the Prefectirus system or third-party components, for example, if a hot water thermostat has failed and the hot water tank is overheating, Prefectirus will warn managers and they can then take action to prevent a scolding incident.

While ensuring optimum energy efficiency Prefectirus is now the perfect partner for accommodation managers to promote wellbeing for students ensuring that their environments are as comfortable as possible and the perfect space in which to study.

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