Prefectirus – alerts you to maintenance issues via email

The all-new Prefectirus CU3 features maintenance sensors that warn of malfunction and faults via email alerts

The all-new Prefectirus CU3 unit has obvious benefits relating to energy efficiency. By using only the energy needed to keep student rooms at comfortable temperatures, energy is saved through a number of features including programmable on/off times, maximum temperature settings, absence and presence detectors and open window monitoring, all managed from the central controller linked to each room node via the existing electrical wiring within the building.

But the new Prefectirus CU3 also features maintenance sensors that warn of malfunction and faults via email alerts. Blown light bulbs, defective fans or broken thermostats are now detected without ever setting foot in a room, allowing appropriate remedial action to be taken.

Algorithms cleverly learn the environmental conditions for individual rooms – how much heat is required, the time it takes to reach temperature, dissipation rates, along with sensors for lighting, sound and humidity levels. 

Light levels

Low light levels in study bedrooms can have a detrimental effect on students’ performance, alertness and wellbeing. Failed light bulbs or fittings are often not reported as the lighting in the room still works but may not be sufficient.

The new CU3 is equipped with a lux sensor that constantly monitors light levels in the room and the system can alert managers to constant low light levels in individual rooms so that action can be taken and fittings replaced.

Humidity levels

The sophisticated in-built electronic hygrometer measures temperature and relative humidity (RH). The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is around 40%–50%, in the winter months. 

By constantly monitoring the RH level in the room the CU3 can highlight potential problems like faulty ventilation, or illicit cooking, by alerting managers when pre-set RH level is breached. By keeping humidity levels within safe limits, mould growth and damp conditions can be avoided.

Hot water levels

While monitoring the temperature of hot water, a feature designed to comply with regulations to safeguard against the likes of legionella, Prefectirus will alert managers should the temperature rise above set parameters due to failure of third-party thermostats on the hot water heating system. This safety feature will guard against water being delivered to showers, for example, that is too hot – avoiding potential scalding incidents.

Integrated PIR

These maintenance features are complemented by the inclusion of the integrated PIR that removes the need for additional remote PIRs and associated wiring thus reducing capital cost. Settable for ‘detection’ or ‘absence detection’ the new passive infrared sensor can be set to trigger the heating ON only when the occupant is asking the thermostat for heat, switching off quickly if no movement is detected or it can simply set to activate the heating when first entering the room.

Keeping you informed

The IRUS system constantly monitors all of the new CU3’s integrated sensors: temperature, movement, humidity, sound and lux. The information is then displayed allowing management to view individual rooms in real time and, because the portal is web based, it can be viewed on any device from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Passive monitoring and control of accommodation is now enhanced with alerts sent via email to maintenance, accommodation or energy managers should any one of maximum parameters be breached.

These new features are available so that well-maintained, safe, comfortable rooms can be provided for students by universities and colleges. 

Managers can rely on Prefectirus to keep them informed of maintenance issues and ensure energy efficiency and compliance of regulations for student safety and wellbeing, while students are able to control the comfort of their room to their personal preferences, safe in the knowledge that their environment is monitored to ensure it is safe, efficient and conducive to effective study. 


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