New ASRA website ready to launch

By Niamh Banks, ASRA Communications and IT Officer

It’s a very exciting time for ASRA at the moment. We are coming to the end of our new website project which is the culmination of a year-and-a-half of planning. What started as a review of our communications, IT and our brand has developed into a much bigger project, including months of work with our web designers, Campuslife ltd. As we move closer to the end of 2016, we are looking forward to going live with our new site as we enter 2017, particularly with our gaze focused on our 2017 Conference, which will be held at the Hilton Brighton Metropole from 9th–12th April next year. We are very excited to let you know what you can expect from the new ASRA website  

The motivation behind getting a new website is the same reason ASRA does everything that it does – our members. 

Our current site has been with us for a while and has served us well. However, it does not give the benefits to our members that we would like in the digital age and as the association grows and moves forward, we need to embrace newer and more modern technologies in order to give our members the best value for their membership.

We have seen a 73% increase in our mailbase membership which means we have even more experienced members responding to queries 

So why has ASRA decided to change its website?  

● Membership Communication: Always at the foremost of our minds, communicating with our members is of huge importance to us. A new site with expanded functionality will allow us to further develop the members’ area. This will give us the opportunity to not only provide more information to our members but to host more information that members can view, review and share. We are looking forward to increased functions such as a new events calendar, a revamped news section and much enhanced regional section that will make it even easier for members to see what is going on and who will be involved.  

● Knowledge base: we have seen a 73% increase in our mailbase membership which means we have even more brilliant, knowledgeable and experienced members responding to members’ queries. What our new website will allow us to do is to develop a knowledge base in our much more user-friendly members’ area. We will be developing a noticeboard which we hope to see becoming the new home for all the answers our membership produces each year. This will provide a central and easily accessible location for our regular, and not so regular, queries and questions.

● Mobile platforms: with so many of our members operating from multiple devices both at work and at home, having a website that works across a variety of platforms is vital. Our new site will have much better capability to do so and will be able to work across multiple browsers and platforms.

● New media: not just for millennials or Generation Z, social media is an important communications tool and even more so as the students of today graduate and become the student accommodation professionals of tomorrow. By having a site that can more completely integrate across multiple social media platforms, we are equipping ASRA with the best tools to continue to be relevant and communicate in the most appropriate way for our members, and future members. In the past year we have seen great response to our increased social media presence with ASRA-focused posts regularly topping the poll as the most popular. 

We are delighted that our members continue to be interested in what we are doing and hope they continue to do so long into the future.  

Our new website will also allow us to develop with new media as it arises and see us embracing technological change for our and our members’ benefit.


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