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How the right lighting can enhance a space

Dublin City University (DCU), in North Dublin, is one of only seven universities in the Republic of Ireland and is home to 18,000 students.

The DCU St Patricks Campus, south of the main university building, includes the DCU Institute of Education, which has a student body of over 4,000. It underwent a refurbishment in the student break-out areas, with an objective to create a comfortable space for students to relax and work on assignments.

In order to achieve this, the lighting was to play a key role. The right lighting can enhance the modern and stylish room design, as well as improve the working atmosphere for students. Tamlite Lighting was specified to deliver this new lighting solution.

Enhancing student life

The primary aim of the lighting upgrade was to enhance aesthetics in the break-out space. With creative wall designs and a vibrant colour scheme, the high colour rendering index of the luminaires brings out the colours to best effect.

Low glare diffusers reduce the prevalence of visible glare, and the lighting design ensured that uniformity and spacings were at their peak to ensure the best outcome for students. Shadowing and uneven spacing can lead to eye strain over time, so it was crucial for DCU that the lighting design met the requirements of both students and staff.

While the new student area does provide a space for students to work, the primary role of the room is to allow people to unwind and relax. A warm white colour temperature was specified, creating a comfortable, cosy feel to the space, allowing students to take down-time from particularly stressful assignments.

Emergency lighting

An effective emergency lighting system is critical in every environment. Tamlite delivered emergency luminaires for the break-out area, directing occupants towards the exit in the event of an emergency or loss of mains power.

High-quality, dependable emergency signage is key in communal environments, so that people can immediately locate the nearest exit. Tamlite is ICEL and BAFE registered, this certification being essential to provide confidence expected from a quality lighting manufacturer.


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