Monitor, Measure and Manage your energy use

Those responsible for student comfort can now take control of energy use and energy costs

Providers of rooms want to maintain a comfortable environment for their guests, but, understandably, they don’t want to pay more than they have to for energy use.

Energy managers are familiar with thermostats being turned up to maximum – rooms left unoccupied while the heating is on and windows being opened to cool a room down. But occupants are generally not too concerned about the cost of their energy use – as they don’t pay the bill!

Prefectirus is designed specifically for properties such as student accommodation. It is the only cost effective, centrally controlled, multi-occupancy energy management system available.

Complete control

Prefectirus could be classified as a “mini” BEMS inasmuch as its functions can include room temperature control, water temperature control, ventilation/air conditioning control, lighting control, humidity detection, smoke detection and Lux sensing.

However, it is very easy to use and, because it uses mains borne signalling, is very low cost and simple to install – on average just 45 minutes per room! Furthermore, it enables management to set and monitor comfort and ‘sleep’ temperatures while controlling time profiles in each room separately.

Control from anywhere with internet access

The Prefectirus interface unit is connected to the buildings power and broadband supply. The systems software then allows secure access from anywhere with internet connection. Prefectirus controls energy use in individual rooms, affords occupants the ability to adjust temperatures within pre-determined limits, switches heating on and off at set times, detects unoccupied rooms and unauthorised portable heaters and it even turns heating down if windows are open!

Choosing WHEN to buy electricity makes huge savings

Managers are able to monitor and measure energy use without ever having to set foot in a room via the easy to read display screen. But controlling the room temperatures is not the only way to make savings! Knowing the energy usage and taking advantage of Triad warnings, DUoS and Maximum Demand, Prefectirus will react and use power only when most efficient to do so, hence massive savings can be made over the course of a year by choosing the most efficient time to heat water.

Suitable for wet or electrical heating systems

Those responsible for student comfort can now take control of energy use and energy costs on either electrical or wet heating systems and as no infrastructure is disturbed in the installation of Prefectirus it is the perfect system for new builds or as a retro-fit in older or historic buildings.

Innovative products from Prefect Controls

is so much more than a sophisticated timer, for the first time energy managers can monitor, measure and manage their energy use with pin-point accuracy. It’s easy to install and easy to use, making it easy to save on energy costs.

Here at Prefect Controls we have been designing and manufacturing cleverly simple energy controls for more than 20 years and have installations in universities nationwide, including Bristol, York, Leeds, Oxford, London and Liverpool among our satisfied customers.

Visit to hear what Chris Jones, Energy Manager at University of Bristol thinks of Prefectirus.

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