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Sponsored: Terry Gibbs, Director of Relocation Services, on what makes a successful university library relocation

We collaborated with Lancaster University to complete a large renovation project to their Library building, in order to move and store a large volume of books, furniture and other items while the works were being completed.

In this instance, it was integral to the University’s operations that the Library remain open round the clock, during term time, and continue to provide library services and facilities throughout the project period. The transfer of library stock was dependent upon the completion of planned construction work making it critical for us to ensure that planning and communication between all other stakeholders was timely and effective so that all aspects could be completed successfully.

The first phase of the project required packing and relocating approximately 12,000 linear metres of books and other stock to destinations both inside and outside of the Library building. We also needed to dismantle, move and re-erect a total of 6,000 linear metres of different types of shelving and furniture. Approximately 60 library staff with associated furniture, filing and equipment were also relocated. The project was completed on time and on budget despite the challenges faced by the project team.

Libraries looking to relocate should ensure the relocation company will provide:

 – A detailed planning programme

 – Implemented methods for ensuring that books remain in sequence throughout the move and subsequent decant

 – Tracked stock moves to enable library staff to retrieve books as these are needed by users

 – Ongoing support and communication channels

 – A plan to enable the Library to remain operational throughout the move 

 – A safe public working space for all staff, students and visitors

 – A health and safety method statement and risk assessment report prior to commencing work

 – Plan for additional items that might need to be included in the project

 – Options for recycling or charitable donation of unwanted assets

 – Flexibility for additional requests or unforeseen delays


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