Little things can make a big difference for estate managers

Have you ever thought about how your access control solution can play its part in minimising the spread of bacteria?

In a busy campus it is inevitable that your staff or students will suffer various bugs and viruses over the course of the academic year.

We’re sure you will be keen to reduce the impact these illnesses have on your organisation – having to pull in relief lecturers or temporary staff is a major inconvenience. So, providing a more hygienic environment is an important consideration and one of the little things that estate managers can be proactive about.

There are number of ways this can be done, we won’t go into the more obvious things like encouraging everyone to wash hands, use tissues or cover their mouth when coughing – these are pretty much common sense.

What you might not have considered is how your access control solution can play its part in minimising the spread of bacteria; surprisingly this is really easy to achieve and won’t break the bank.

Using antimicrobial silver ion technology on door handles can stop up to 99.99% of microbes on a handle; this finish will stop the transfer of bugs from door to door as your staff or students move around the building.

The Bio-Cote® finish is applied to parts of the door handle for a small additional cost. This does not affect the aesthetics of the handle nor does it mean special cleaning materials need to be used. As Bio-Cote’s® antimicrobial agent contains silver you don’t need to worry that it will not breakdown over time nor will the coating leach or rub off the door handles.

The technology is engineered to give continuous protection and works by binding microbes and damaging their cell structure, so disrupting their normal functions and ability to reproduce and spread.

The extra protection silver ion technology will reduce the transfer of illnesses such as winter vomiting bugs and stop the spread of coughs and colds. All of which helps to reduce staff/student illness rates and minimise absence, as well as reducing the costs associated with having to cover absent staff.

If you’d like to know more about our access control solution and the Bio-Cote® finish please call us on 0113 273 0300 or email 


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