LapSafe makes inroads into the Australian market

The LapSafe Diplomat LMS self-service lockers make device loans easy to manage and allow students to borrow devices at any time of day, whether staff are present or not

Colchester-based company LapSafe Self-Service Solutions Ltd is making inroads into the Australian education market by taking its intelligent charging lockers down under. LapSafe has exhibited for the first time at EduTECH International Congress and Expo, in June 2019. 

LapSafe has already installed the Diplomat LMS self-service loan lockers at four sites in Australia which include University of Queensland, University of South Australia, CQ University and TAFE SA. TAFE SA is LapSafe’s fourth largest installation globally and is LapSafe’s largest installation in Australia. LapSafe has also recently installed lockers at the Waikato Institute of Technology, better known as Wintec, in New Zealand.

The LapSafe Diplomat LMS solution makes device loans easy to manage and allows students or users to borrow devices at any time of day, whether staff are present or not, offering 24/7/365 access.

A recent survey carried out by LapSafe revealed that 76% of students preferred to borrow a laptop for short periods of time (four to six hours) within the library study areas. Eighty-five per cent of students found the Diplomat LMS’s user interface intuitive and easy to use. 

Between 2017 and 2019 over 60% of UK universities have chosen to automate their manual loan service and of these 91% have installed LapSafe solution. When asked whether automating their laptop loan system had improved their service, 97% of universities said yes.

Once installed these intelligent lockers always issue the best charged device. The solution also allows the client to upgrade and add towers when required. So far, three quarters of installations have expanded their service since their first installation.

Universities can display their laptop or device availability by using the dashboard that comes with the solution in and around their campus. The dashboard also helps the university to promote the service to their students and also provide valuable statistics on its use.

LapSafe is a British manufacturer which sells and installs its products globally. Its self-service charging lockers currently facilitate the loaning of around 20,000 devices per day, making that a whopping 7.2 million loans per year.

Denise Crouch, head of sales and marketing said that she is delighted that they are making inroads into the Australian market.

For more information on the LapSafe range visit: 

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