Innovations in lecture theatre seating

Sponsored: Ferco Seating solutions are intelligently designed and flexible – and engineered to withstand the rigours of busy lecture space

According to research led by the London School of Economics (LSE) Estates Division and the Higher Education Design Quality Forum (HEDQF), out of 1,000 students in the UK, 76% ranked campus facilities as either ‘quite’ or ‘very’ important.

The role of the university campus is changing in subtle and important ways. Today, student ‘timescapes’ typically involve moving between places to work, study, sleep, eat, and play, and the boundaries between these places are now less distinct as wireless networks, laptops, smart phones, and iPads afford greater flexibility and mobility.

Students want to be mentored in an environment where they can advance quickly, and they want to have the tools to win. Generation Z is judging universities by their environments and facilities.

Research by the BCFA (British Contract Furnishing Association) identified that the greatest factor driving investment in universities is the demand for higher specification learning facilities.

In an article for the New York Times, ‘The Innovation Campus: Building Better Ideas’, architecture and design critic, Alexandra Lange, finds that ‘Where once the campus amenities arms race was waged over luxury dorms and recreation facilities, now colleges and universities are building deluxe structures for the generation of wonderful ideas’.

Why Is Lecture Theatre Design Important?

The design of a lecture theatre has a significant influence on the learning experience, it should be optimised for creating an environment which stimulates concentration and interaction and improves learning outcomes. A badly designed lecture theatre does the opposite of encouraging learning, causing even the most attentive of students to lose focus during the lecture.

Universities are looking to future-proof their learning spaces, designing teaching environments that will be able to adapt to the pace of change and imbuing structures with the adaptability to enable subsequent phases of redevelopment or repurposing.

Ferco Seating offers clients a flexible approach to lecture theatre design with a portfolio of innovative and engaging products. Ferco design, manufacture and install high quality customised seating for multiple iconic educational establishments including Queens College, Oxford; Clare College, Cambridge and the Cass Business School.

Multi-Use with Retractable and Fixed Seating solution

Enhanced Learning: Improved Outcomes

Today’s educational environments are often required to support ‘active learning’. Student-centred and project-based learning models are replacing linear, more traditional instructor-based lessons. Innovative curricular and pedagogies are supported by future-fit learning spaces, which can include technology integration.

Enhanced learning spaces have been proven to help with student engagement, higher levels of academic attainment and the development of employability skills. Julie Lecoq, a workplace consultant for the global design firm HOK advises ‘Simple changes to existing spaces can go a long way to transforming them into more creative, inspiring environments.’

Campus Asset Innovation

Ferco Seating solutions are intelligently designed and flexible – and engineered to withstand the rigours of busy lecture spaces.

Seating ranges from traditional lecture seating with fixed writing tablets, to cutting-edge Harvard style, Collaborative Learning and Turn & Learn™ systems.

Ferco seats offer ergonomic and postural support and can be upholstered in a huge range of fabrics to enhance any design scheme. Desktop and modesty panel choices compliment the chosen aesthetic. All Ferco seating has DDA provision to ensure full inclusivity.

The Education Seating Collection can integrate fully with existing or additional power and data points.

A Sense of Partnership

The product range aims to align with re-envisaged educational buildings and spaces. And in this dynamic period of change, Ferco are constantly innovating to provide seating solutions for enhanced learning environments.

Ferco – education seating made better:

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