Increasing estates efficiencies by delegating access control

Sponsored: Safety and security are essential to the university estate, therefore getting the best efficiencies in their systems is crucial

Managing a large campus, often made up of buildings spread across multiple locations used by many departments, can be challenging. A large university will be made up of hundreds of staff and students needing access to many different areas and at varying times. Some of these areas may need to be restricted to staff only, others may need to be highly restricted for safety or security reasons, in the case of, say, a research laboratory Or you might want to limit student access based on their timetable or you may have a lot of requests to replace lost ID cards.

When one central department is responsible for managing all this and requests for changes, such as adding new students, change rights for staff who have moved departments or students that have left or lost their means of identification, it can become stressful or slow to get these changes made, which is obviously not ideal or efficient.

SALTO’s ProAccess SPACE management software will help overcome these challenges, allowing administrators to delegate the management of access rights to departments. SPACE Partitional is set up so each ‘partition’ (or department) has associate doors, zones and user-access levels. System logins are assigned to one or more partition giving administrative users the ability to grant or deny access to doors/zones within their remit only. Other partitions are not visible to the administrative users, they only see their own partition. Now adding/removing rights or managing doors is much more efficient. The central department still has a full view of the whole campus system but without the need to bear the full burden of changing things.

Managing a large campus, often made up of buildings spread across multiple locations used by many departments, can be challenging

ProAccess SPACE also delivers other benefits and efficiencies. Including being web-based, so is always up to date, it includes special functions such as automatic door status changes, anti-passback and relay management.

You can manage a number of different types of access solution via SPACE including wireless and mobile solutions. It can be used to manage areas where you have limited occupancy controlling the maximum number of authorised users to be assigned to an access point, automatically denying access once set occupancy levels are reached.

If you have a SALTO access control solution and want to take advantage of ProAccess SPACE Partitional or any of its other features, you can talk to AIT – we are certified SALTO partners and can advise on how to get the best from your access-control solution to drive greater efficiencies.

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