Improving student experience

Universities should place student experience at the centre of their institutional strategies

In this competitive market students are consumers and, as customers, stakeholders of their university experience.

Whilst the changing political landscape aims to provide many different educational benefits there is a tendency for most of these opportunities to apply to graduates. Employment prospects and long-term benefits of higher-education are increasing with the value of university degrees whilst the experience of studying itself is often abandoned.

Through a combination of open discussions and workshops university students should be able to decide their role in the institutional strategy. This will improve the appreciation and understanding of their own education promoting success and establishing the status-quo of university degrees in society.

There are already many universities attempting to employ strategies to enhance the student experience. However, all too often it is other institutional events which take precedence.

Universities provide a variety of services to improve student experience on their courses. Frequently these services lack the promotion and suffer low involvement.

Endorsing the services and workshops available to students including clubs, help centres and societies can dramatically improve and enrich overall student experience. These resources provide key support, entertainment and motivation to the students over the course of their university enrolment safeguarding student wellbeing and satisfaction.

For impact and to maximise student engagement it is key to promote these services at fresher’s fairs and exhibitions. A majority of universities host these events during orientation week to introduce enthusiastic students to the wealth of possibilities available. However, as there can be competition from sponsored company stalls, it is important to stand out.

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