Improve student experience by improving print technology

From computer clusters to libraries every university is heavily equipped with photocopiers and printers

Students often stress the importance of printing course work whilst staff need to print course materials. It goes without saying that there is a continually high demand for university print resources in education. To improve the quality of student’s course experience it is important to streamline the efficiency of printing services available to users.

Due to inefficiency and relatively high levels of printing waste the cost of printing is considerably high at educational institutions. Furthermore, productivity of both student and staff members can be adversely affected where systems lack appropriate capacity and design.

To improve the efficiency and control print wastage a number of education providers employ print management software provided by specialist companies like United Carlton. Their case studies offer success stories which may help other education institutions implement solutions within their own systems.

As an example, the print costs of Whickham School and Sports College quickly spiralled out of control without an appropriate method to regulate users print behaviour. Here the integration of staff and student ID cards by United Carlton enabled analysis and management of print behaviour. These cards were used to collect user print outs at a machine level securing document ownership and reducing waste through deletion of uncollected items from printer queues.

Intelligent print systems can improve student experience by cutting the costs of printing and increasing the efficiency of course providers.

By using this print technology Whickham School managed to slash their printing outlay by 30% in the first month alone.


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