Keeping your students safe

SPONSORED: If the worst were to happen, how would you keep your students safe?

Keeping your students safe is obviously a major priority for all universities and colleges, but this becomes critical were an emergency situation to arise.

Our recently launched new electronic escutcheon has been specifically designed for use in an education environment; it enables buildings and specific rooms, such as lecture halls or seminar rooms to be quickly locked down during a security or other emergency event.

In these types of situations, it could be safer for students and staff to remain where they are, securely locked in a safe environment until the emergency is over or the emergency services have arrived. Our new escutcheon enables authorised users (for example a lecturer) to put the room’s door lock into a standalone lock down mode, securing the room until help arrives.

These locks are compatible with any door type and have a built in card reader within the inner escutcheon, which allows designated users to lock down the room quickly. Only users with lock down privileges can use the functionality. These rights are assigned as part of the user’s access profile when they are initially configured by the organisations security team.

In the event of a security breach a lecturer/tutor (or other person with the relevant rights) just needs to present their card/fob to the inside reader of the door lock. A green light signals lock down has been activated.

If anyone tries to enter the room when lock down is activated, the outside reader shows red and the door cannot be opened. For security reasons a card with master privileges will be able to override the lock down – these master cards would typically be held by a head of security, estates manager or principal and would be able to access a locked down room at all times.

For a lecturer to deactivate the lock down mode they would present their card/fob to the inside reader for a second time, the reader would then revert to green to indicate that lock down is no longer deployed.

If you would like to know more about this new additional security feature please call us on 0113 273 0300 or alternatively you can find out more about access control for education by clicking here

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