Heavy duty kitchen vs cheap alternatives?

The benefits of value for money product by Anna Hirst, Ellis Project Manager

The images below show the effect of a high-use environment on cheap product after only four years. These kitchen images are from a 6-bed shared student accommodation kitchen, where over 200 kitchens started to fail in their first year. Ellis were asked to step in and replace all kitchens with our industry-leading Contract Heavy Duty range after their supplier failed to meet their promised 7-year guarantee.

–          This supplier’s door is made from 15mm chipboard and 1mm edge tape glued with hotmelt adhesive. Not a great combination in a busy, damp and hot environment.

Ellis are renowned for their Heavy-Duty Kitchen, standing the test of time in some of the busiest environments. The Contract Heavy Duty range is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years in a shared and high-use environment, providing unrivaled value for money.

–          The Ellis door is made from 18mm thick solid fibreboard, high impact laminate both sides, and edge finished with contract specification lacquer. Kitchens don’t come any tougher than this.

The low-quality product was unable to withstand the heat and damp of a high use environment, resulting in material failure. As you can see on the images the edges have fallen off and raw chipboard is coming through from underneath due to the heat from hobs, toasters, microwaves, and damp in the kitchen.

Ellis’ Heavy Duty Kitchen is the Cheapest Contract Kitchen on the Market

If a 6 bed shared kitchen costs £2500 and needs to be replaced every 4 years it costs £12.01 per week 

If a 6 bed shared kitchen costs £3000 and lasts 10 years it costs
£5.76 per week

Water, steam, stains are all the enemy of a shared or heavy-use kitchen, these only speed up the degradation of a product that isn’t built to withstand excessive heat and moisture.

To help high-use kitchens survive and last as long as the bedrooms they serve, we make our furniture ultra-durable. Facing the surfaces front and back with a high-pressure laminate bonded MDF and using the most robust 170 degree hinges imparts maximum mechanical strength.

Available in a range of contemporary colours, specially selected to match the latest interior design trends, Ellis kitchens for shared and high-use living feature a host of practical touches.

These include moisture resistant worktops, plinths and fronts, glass splash-backs, a choice of stylish but above all, sturdy handles, and lockable doors. A full range of accessories for accessible kitchens is also readily available.

Speak to us about how we can help with your next kitchen project on 01484 514 212.

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