Hard-wearing, cost-effective & sustainable floorings

nora® rubber floorings: inspired design and exceptional performance in educational facilities.

nora® rubber floorings are high-performance products for high-performance schools and universities with significant life cycle maintenance savings. In all education environments, nora® rubber floorings are extremely easy and cost-effective to maintain. Unlike many resilient floor coverings, nora® floorings do not require harsh cleaning agents nor do they need to be sealed. Thanks to a special production process, all nora® products have a dense, non porous, dirt-repellent surface. The result is easy, inexpensive cleaning with lower maintenance costs.

Maintenance savings coupled with performance features make nora® rubber floorings the ideal solution for educational facilities where a wide variety of functions are being performed, often under one roof. For instance, nora® rubber floorings offer comfort and hygiene in classrooms, ensure slip resistance in multi-purpose areas and help conceal stains and ensure the removal of spills without residual staining in laboratories. Furthermore, nora® rubber floorings  have excellent acoustic values, outstanding wearability, outstanding fire protection properties, are environmentally compatible and all are PVC free.

nora® Flooring Systems provides a palette of more than 260 standard colours and an extensive number of surface patterns that offer architects and designers the opportunity to infuse educational facilities with striking design elements.

nora systems takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. Rubber floorings produced by nora® are sustainable products made from renewable natural rubber that is extracted from the sap of tropical rubber plants and industrial rubber. The flooring also contains natural minerals that supplement the high-quality natural and industrial rubber qualities, as well as environmentally compatible colour pigments that are free of lead and other heavy metals. It is therefore no surprise that the standard noraplan® (913) floorings have been certified under BRE Certification’s scheme for Environmental Profiles of construction products. The Ecopoint scores achieved as part of the certification process give a BREEAM ‘A’+ rating.   

Moreover, the standard products fulfil the strict specifications of the qualification guidelines RAL UZ 120 and have thus been awarded as the first resilient floorings with the eco-label ‘Blue Angel’. This label is one of the most important awards worldwide which is only being awarded to products that are exceptional environmentally friendly.  


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