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University of Manchester is refurbished by furniture manufacturer, Godfrey Syrett

In recent months, we have worked with the University of Manchester to refurbish various areas across their campus; from classrooms and lecture theatres to reception and breakout areas.  

Alan Turing Building 

The Alan Turing Building, which houses the university’s School of Mathematics, is composed of two large wings which are joined in the centre by a large and spacious atrium used as a student breakout area. The university wanted to refurbish and refresh this space.  

We worked with them to design a layout which would create a more collaborative space for the students. The introduction of curved Spark sofas created areas where students could talk together, with loose Geo units allowing for the introduction of more seats where necessary. Pairs of 3 seater sofas along the edge of the breakout area create a section which is more conducive to group work and discussion. The sofas were upholstered in Camira’s Halcyon waterproof fabric; making them very easy to keep clean.  

Sackville Street Building  

The Sackville Street Building hosts conference and presentation facilities, as well as teaching space. We were contracted to refurbish the teaching rooms in the building, as part of an ongoing upgrade of these areas across the University.  

The client specified that both the tables and the chairs in the classrooms must be robust and hardwearing, to ensure longevity. We installed Nimbus study chairs with perforated plastic backs; a very popular chair for education projects due to its sturdiness and functionality. The chairs are stackable, allowing users to easily create more space if needed.  

The classroom tables were installed with laminate tops which, as well as being easy to clean and non-porous, are more resilient to the heavy daily usage found in an education environment.

Roscoe Building – Breakout  

The Roscoe Building is a large lecture and conference building, regularly used by external visitors. The University decided to refurbish the ground floor reception and breakout area, in order to improve first impressions and make more use of the space available. The traditionally dark space was given a new lease of life using brighter lights, integrated technology and an eye-catching colour scheme.  

The University wanted to maximise use of the reception space, introducing open and welcoming soft seating in the waiting area and a combination of tables, benches and booth seating solutions to create areas where visitors to the building could work and collaborate in semi-privacy. The colour selections for the furniture reflected those of the main colour scheme – white, yellow, grey and black – with an emphasis on light colours to lift the area and increase the spacious effect. A row of bespoke sized Spark-Hi booths were installed to fit neatly inside the prominent pillars which create a focal point in the reception area.  

Roscoe Building – Lecture Theatres  

The Roscoe building also houses 2 of the largest lecture theatres on the University of Manchester Campus. After many years of use, the seating and tables in these theatres – although still perfectly functional – were showing signs of wear and tear. Aware of our refurbishment service; the University asked us to take the existing tables and chairs and make them look like new.  

We uninstalled the lecture theatre seats (650 in total) and returned them to our site to re-upholsterreplacing the foam and upholstering the seats with Camira’s 24/7 fabric. We also updated the writing pallets which go with the seats, replacing the tops with hardwearing laminate. This project was particularly challenging as the pallets were different sizes and angled, however we managed to complete the project to deadline and the customer was very pleased with the result.  

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