Get back-to-Uni ready with Godfrey Syrett

Now’s the time to make any updates to your University spaces ready for the new academic year

That time of year is upon us again – the textbooks are being dusted off and the students are getting ready to descend once more! Now’s the time to make any updates to your University spaces ready for the new academic year.

The Eleanor lounge chair (above)

If you have new staff starting with the new term and have been caught short with your office furniture, take a look at our Essentials range. Essentials is a collection of 20 items – ranging from desks and task chairs, to pedestals and storage cupboards, side chairs and tables – all available from stock to site in 7 working days. Choose from 2 wood decors and 3 fabric decors to suit, and order up to 10 of each item to meet your immediate furniture requirements. As with all of our furniture; we’ll deliver, install and take away any packaging.

To refresh your reception and waiting areas, think about introducing some soft seating that makes a statement. A product like our Mr Jones range will allow you to develop a range of spaces – its modular pieces can be connected together to create a multitude of shapes; from a corner unit to a long curving layout. Pair these with the one or two seater individual seats and poufs to create a welcoming visitors’ area. Similarly, Eleanor is a timeless lounge chair which creates a perfect calming environment; enveloping users in it’s comfortable cushioning.

Edinburgh Napier University

Finally, there’s the all-important collaborative zones. As University design has developed, we’ve seen a definite shift from the ‘quiet study zone’ mentality to a proliferation of open, collaborative spaces throughout University buildings. These are areas where students can retreat, as a group or individually, to focus on work away from the traditional library study area and seminar rooms. Make use of lobby or hallway space to create these smaller touchdown spaces.

Take a look at Zip, our modular furniture range that easily zips together to form a multitude of configurations. Hassle free, users can unzip the units to re-configure their layouts and then reconnect the units easily. To create semi-private collaborative zones, why not take a look at our Spark-Hi booth, designed to create a defined space for focused work within open plan environments. These booths can also be supplied with power sources if required, so students can stay connected too.

Our experienced delivery team will install all items for you, and take away all of the packaging too. With a wide range of furniture for a host of different environments, take a look at our website or get in touch to find the right solution for you.

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