From new builds to refurbs

Ellis Furniture lists the top 5 issues facing universities when refurbishing student bedrooms/ living spaces

Ellis Furniture has provided solutions for over 50 years to demanding high-traffic environments such as universities, manufacturing contemporary and durable bedroom and kitchen furniture.

Paul Goodwin, national account manager of Ellis Furniture, said: “From new-build developments, to complex refurbishments, we have always supplied long lasting furniture, all with a sleek modern look.

“Although with this comes a great sense of achievement, the process itself can be challenging.”

Paul added: “There is always a tight time schedule for updating student accommodation. The combination of students during term time and the conference market during the rest of the year means accommodation is often occupied for up to 51 weeks of the year. Universities Partnerships Programme (UPP) manages over 1000 rooms at Leeds Beckett University and we work closely with them to carefully plan and implement an update programme for the rooms.

Space can also be a challenging factor with students expecting a high standard of accommodation so it’s important to make the most out of limited space. To do this without making drastic, time-consuming structural changes, it’s important we design furniture to make the most out of every inch of space available.

Above all, cost, aesthetic and performance are the three key considerations for any project. It’s important that the right furniture is selected to ensure a client receives value for money as well as that all-important ‘wow’ factor.

Ellis Furniture has recently refurbished the halls of residence at both Leeds Beckett University and The University of Reading, where the works included bedrooms and shared kitchens. Using the latest trending designs; a creative, real social and kick back feel for the student was created. The ‘designed for life’ UPP/Ellis bedroom furniture range that was implemented is a combination of renowned Ellis cabinets specification designed to the client’s needs that make for successful makeovers, epitomising versatility.

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