Ferco Seating’s Unique Turn & Learn Range

Seating which supports a modern approach to learning, providing comfort and versatility

Developed to address new learning for a new generation, Turn and Learn™ supports active learning and new pedagogic approaches including the ‘flipped classroom’.

Turn and Learn™ allows learners to seamlessly participate in tutor-to-student and student-to-student collaborative learning experiences. It works by enabling every other row of seats to pivot 360 degrees so that students can engage in teamwork and interactive learning with their peers without leaving their seat.

Each of the ergonomic seats move away from the writing surface and rotate independently on a high strength steel arm – as well as auto-parking when unoccupied.

Ferco Seating offer distinctive models of Turn and Learn™ lecture and executive auditorium style seating, all of which are virtually maintenance free, stronger and more durable than any other comparable range of Turn & Learn seating available on the market.


What Are the Benefits of Turn & Learn Seating?

·         Supports multiple teaching pedagogies – collaborative /active / didactic

·         Encourages peer-to-peer learning

·         Fire / Building code compliant

·         Lecture theatre and mixed-use environments

·         Integrates with and supports technology / digital classrooms

·         Contoured seat backs provide lumbar support and promotes correct seating position

·         Chair has an auto-return mechanism when not in use


Academic Settings

In the traditional university setting, lecture theatre seating has a specific design, which deliberately directs the attention of the students towards the lecturer at the front of the theatre. Interaction between individual students is minimal whilst students passively absorb knowledge passed to them from the lecturer.

The Turn and Learn™ supports a more modern approach to learning – a collaborative, student centred outlook where the physical space supports successful group engagement, very much part of the collaborative learning initiative.

Our Turn and Learn™ seating range is especially popular in many UK universities due to its ease of maintenance, comfort and versatility.

Ferco has completed Turn and Learn™ installations in some of the UK’s leading universities, including Exeter University, Kingston University and UCLAN.

Corporate Environment

Theatre style seating in lecture halls and auditoriums are often the location of choice in the corporate environment for training sessions, seminars, presentations and conferences.

Physical and Psychological Benefits

All of Ferco’s Turn and Learn™ seating range is ergonomically shaped, providing exceptional lumbar support to help maintain correct posture.

Younger students, as well as many adults, find it uncomfortable to remain still in one position for long periods of time, which may subsequently lead to a decrease in concentration and productivity. The Turn and Learn™ is a flexible form of seating, which allows movement and ultimately provides the occupant of the seat with a choice of interaction with a wider number of peers, making it ideally suited to group work and activities.

The FT10 Turn & Learn Wrimatic Swivel

Integrated with the A3 Wrimatic™ tablet, the FT10 Turn and Learn™ Wrimatic Swivel is often referred to as the “business class” of theatre chairs. It is designed for superior ergonomics to provide the ultimate in comfort as well as enabling peer to peer interaction in every direction. It was specifically designed to support turn and learn collaborative teaching styles. It is also available as a high-backed model and with optional integrated data and electrical points.

Find out more about the FT10 Turn & Learn Wrimatic Swivel here http://www.fercoseating.com/products/lecture-series/lecture-ft10-turn-and-learn_lecture_theatre_seat/

The ARC One Turn & Learn lecture theatre seat

Available with either an integrated A3 Wrimatic™ tablet or a fixed writing ledge, this model is popular with many UK universities due to its robustness and ease of maintenance. It is able to rotate 360°, enabling and facilitating collaborative learning and sharing.

Read more about the ARC One Turn & Learn here. http://www.fercoseating.com/products/arc-series-education/arc-turn-and-learn_lecture_theatre_seat/


The Wrimatic Tablet

What is the Wrimatic tablet?

The patented A3 Wrimatic™ tablet evolved from the most basic form of chair with a tablet arm, to become the world leading integrated writing tablet, suitable for both left and right-handed students.  Offering not only style and comfort, it also boasts exceptional strength – load tested to 240kg and the UK’s leading furniture association, The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA), tested the Wrimatic tablet arm for its strength performance. It successfully satisfied the requirements of the FIRA Ranked Performance Specification – FIRA Test NO. PP027:1996, to test level 4 of 4 (severe contract use).

The A3 Wrimatic™ is the perfect complement to Turn & Learn style seating, providing outstanding functionality and flexibility which further supports the collaborative learning approach as well as individual user needs – it also packs away neatly when not in use.

For more information on Ferco Seating’s education solutions, please visit fercoseating.com.

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