D-Tech in partnership with Ashton College

D-Tech?s partnership with Ashton Sixth Form College goes from strength to strength

D-Tech International Ltd are delighted to be able to provide the relationship and customer service that customers want and strive for within a company. Here at D-Tech, our partnership with Ashton Sixth Form College in Greater Manchester has gone from strength to strength. Ashton Sixth Form, who has close roots back to Ashton Grammar School, has been proudly providing the highest quality of academic and vocational education for 34 years within the Greater Manchester area. As a specialist Sixth Form College aimed at 16-19 year olds, Ashton prides themselves on their innovative teaching style, high expectations of staff and students and glowing Ofsted comments and reports.

The first project that D-Tech and Ashton Sixth Form worked on together was the implementation of computeIT™. D-Tech’s computeIT™ is a multi-bay, modular locker system that is designed to safely store, charge and lend laptops, notebooks,  tablets and other similar devices. Each individual bay is designed to accommodate a complete range of portable computing devices and to offer a safe charging environment that can be accessed by authorised library patrons of all ages. The computeIT™ offers students access to computers that they can operate where they are comfortable rather than having to sit at desktop computers that also eat up a lot of valuable floor space.

At D-Tech we were interested to see how the computeIT™ unit had enhanced the library and student experience, we presented Sally Shaw, Head of IT and Learning Resources with some questions:

What were you looking to achieve with regards to implementing our laptop self-service solution?

Last summer we opened our new ‘Learning Commons’ a flexible learning space which has been designed to enhance the digital learning experience. We designed this room to contain both fixed PCs and space for students to bring in their own laptops to work from, however we also wanted to provide laptops to those students who may not own their own. The self-service laptop unit is perfect for our needs as our laptops are all safe and secure and we can track who has loaned them through our library catalogue. The fact they are always fully charged is also a huge benefit to us!

When choosing a laptop self-service supplier what characteristics did you look for?

Excellent customer service and a great relationship with our account manager are essential characteristics to us and D-Tech displays both of these. I also like their honest sales approach and didn’t feel that they were too pushy.

How have the library, staff and students benefited from implementing D-Tech’s computeIT?

Having a self-service laptop scheme means that staff can be freed up to do other tasks and we are now able to leave the Learning Commons unstaffed. Feedback from students about this service has been fantastic – they all love to be able to loan a laptop in this way and it has certainly modernised our service in their eyes. We have also been able to increase the number of computers available to students whilst maintaining our floor space for group study spaces and furniture (no need for ‘old fashioned’ bays of fixed PCs!)

Have D-Tech been approachable since the installation?

Absolutely. Our account manager has been very approachable and always eager to help us in any way he can. Our IT team have also built up a very good relationship with the engineer who comes onsite.

Would you recommend D-Tech in the future?

We would not hesitate in recommending D-Tech. We are so happy with the service provided that we are now also implementing RFID and library self-service through them as well as another two computeIT™ units.

If you are interested in computeIT™ or any of D-Tech’s product range please do not hesitate to  contact us on 01394 420077 or at info@d-techinternational.com. More detail on all products can be found on our website that can be accessed via the following link: https://d-techinternational.com

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