Call recording solutions for universities

Storacall’s solutions help institutions keep reliable records and streamline processes

Recording telephone calls in university departments for verification, dispute protection and agent training simply makes sense and is used in a variety of ways:

  • Housing & accommodation departments to improve call handling performance as agents are required to deal with a myriad of residential calls from students including service requests, queries and complaints.
  • Security Departments for recording telephone and radio communication traffic with and between the university security team
  • University Contact centres covering help desks, registrar’s offices, admissions offices, reservations desks, customer service teams
  • Outsourced remote coaching Institutions that outsource student coaching functions are sometimes recording calls from the service to their students in order to be able to protect their students and to verify the quality of the coaching services. 

In addition, universities are looking for best value so call recording needs to be cost effective, robust, reliable and quick to access. That’s why Storacall solutions ensure you find the communication information you require quickly and easily, whilst helping to streamline processes.

Storacall offers the solution whether you’re recording to help manage complaints, provide support and training for staff or as a way to ensure that your organisation has irrefutable records of dialogue with staff, students and others. From 4 to 4,000 channels, Storacall solutions are totally flexible, totally manageable and totally affordable.

Storacall University solutions offer you:

  • Secure password protected call
  • Send copies of calls to staff or other authorities
  • Reliability and continuity
  • Highest levels of system security and monitoring
  • Total recording across all communication platforms
  • Fast search and replay – every second counts!
  • Peace of mind knowing this solution is proven in your market place

Storacall has been in the telephony business for over 45 years. For further information call our sales team today on +44(0)1932 710710. Or email  or visit   

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