Burnt Beans and Charred Chips are OFF the student menu

Hobsafe ensures fire safety across student accommodation

Going to university is an exciting time for students, with new friends, new environments and a great sense of freedom. But there are a lot of distractions when living away from home for the first time.

Hobsafe makes sure distractions don’t turn into disasters!

Unattended hobs are a major cause of domestic fires. Fortunately most are extinguished before turning into a major incident, but the disruption of a burning pan, smoke damage or the unnecessary calling out of a fire crew, are all avoidable with the installation of Hobsafe.

Hobsafe helps to keep student accommodation safe by ensuring hobs cannot be left on accidentally.

The all-new hob timer from Prefect Controls has been completely redesigned to 21st century safety standards and is one of the only units available to protect hobs from being inadvertently being left on and it is certainly the most cost effective.

Perfectly suited to student accommodation, its robust design and large switching capacity (up to 40 amps) makes it the only choice for safety conscious landlords and accommodation managers and a favourite with electricians because of the ease of installation due to large terminals making it less fiddly than a lot of electrical products. Hobsafe can, in many cases, be installed in less than 30 minutes and will control most electric hobs.

This tamper-proof model includes factory set 15, 20, 30 or 45 minute run times with LED operation light and a re-set button for extended use. There are two modes – ON/OFF where the press of the button turns the hob on and a second press switches it off, or in FIXED mode, once activated, the timer runs for the set time and a minute before the hob switches off a LED light will flash to attract the cook’s attention – In either mode Hobsafe significantly reduces the likelihood of a kitchen calamity.

Hobsafe is not only a safety device, it also saves money – in terms of energy being wasted if a hob is left on and in terms of emergency services call out charges in the case of fire crews attending a fire alarm.

For more information about Hobsafe please contact Prefect Controls on 01787 320604 or visit www.prefectcontrols.com/our-products/run-timers/pre9277

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