Bunkabin solves student accommodation shortage problems

University and college estates departments can solve their student accommodation shortage problems with Bunkabin

Summer can be an extremely busy time for estates departments at universities and colleges up and down the country. The imminent arrival of an influx of new students can be stressful enough, but what if there are real concerns that not all students will be properly housed? Luckily, Bunkabin has a solution. 

The Oldham-based supplier of portable sleepers provides high-quality units with all the comfort and amenities expected of regular, fixed buildings to universities and colleges in need of additional accommodation. What’s more, it’s able to do so as quickly as is required – meaning no student is left out in the cold. 

Bunkabin has years of experience in helping estates departments struggling to house each and every student. There are many reasons why this might happen, and Bunkabin has helped to solve them all. For instance, an estates department might approach Bunkabin if: 

● There has been a significant increase in student intake

● A refurbishment programme has over-run

● New-build halls are not finished in time 

● Demands from summer schools have increased

● An incident has resulted in damage to existing accommodation

It can be extremely difficult to predict student numbers and estates departments are under huge pressure to have everything set up in time for students to settle in, make friends and get their studies off to a great start. Many students pay an awful lot of money to advance in higher education and they – as well as their parents – expect the best value for their money. Bunkabin aims to provide high-quality accommodation, regardless of the time frame, to ensure no one is disappointed. 

The company offers two types of portable sleeping accommodation: the Bespoke Sleeper and the Single Junior Student Sleeper. The units provide everything a student needs for a quiet, comfortable study environment and a good night’s sleep. Both include powerful mains-fed pressure showers, flushing toilets, thermostat-controlled heating, towel rails and large sinks. They are clean, spacious and ideal for students of all ages. Luke Rothwell, Director of Bunkabin, says: “We know how incredibly difficult it can be for estates departments at both universities and colleges to prepare for and manage the start of the new academic year. Students will be arriving from far and wide with great excitement – but any issues with accommodation can soon put pay to that.

“We have helped many HEIs in recent times to react quickly and make sure they have the right accommodation available for students, even at incredibly short notice. We have provided units to universities affected by fire or struggling with a massive jump in intake numbers; we understand how quickly problems can arise and we know how to solve them as quickly as possible. We aim to meet the turnkey accommodation requirements of the education sector by making sure we do the simple things right. This way, we know we’ll provide a living space that provides all the comfort a student needs, allowing them to really make the most of their studies. We provide a real safety net for estates departments feeling the strain of increased student numbers or accommodation projects not going to plan.” 

Bespoke Sleeper 

The Bespoke Sleeper includes:

• Enhanced bathroom design for
more space

• Extra electrical sockets

• Integral blind allowing for complete room blackout

• LED lighting

• Optional full-size fridge and microwave

Single Junior Student Sleeper

The Single Junior Student
Sleeper includes:

• Fitted desk 

• Fitted drawers 

• Individual over-bed lights

• Television corner unit

• Shelving with increased
high-level storage

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