Bloomsbury Studio for UCL

University College London (UCL) has announced the launch of the Bloomsbury Studio, a brand new, flexible performance and media space

The Studio is designed to accommodate both live performance and film, seating between 60-80 audience members. At least half of the UCL shows will be for a public audience, with a focus on performance and activity which puts the spotlight on UCL research.

Simon Cane, Director of UCL Public & Cultural Engagement, said: “The Studio is a flexible, intimate space that will focus on innovative performance – we want students and staff to try out new things, explore ideas and take risks. It complements the larger and more formal Bloomsbury Theatre space although we hope that some ideas will transfer to the big stage!” 

The Bloomsbury Studio will become the home of Bright Club, Science Showoff and Museum Showoff – three collaborations between research and theatre – as well as providing space for student led public engagement programmes, debates and film screenings as well as events from like-minded commercial producers.

Speaking at the launch Professor Sophie Scott (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) said: “I encourage all my students to do stand-up comedy along with their studies as it’s such a great way of improving your communication skills. Taking part in performances like Bright Club has not just made me a better speaker, it’s made me a better scientist – it encourages you to ask different questions and look at things in a new light. None of this would have been possible without the support of UCL.” 

The development forms part of an extensive refurbishment of the Bloomsbury Theatre, which re-opened at the start of the academic year 2014/15.

 Images: ©RWD15_UCL Bloomsbury Studio Launch_002.JPG

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