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An IT training room at Birmingham University features an SWG moveable wall system from Style

In an ingenious adaptation, an IT training room at Birmingham University features an SWG moveable wall system from Style, that has been installed with the sole purpose of providing an occasional white board.

“The room benefits from ample natural light thanks to a wall length window at the front and the University didn’t want to lose this,” explained Mike Fine, Director for Style in the midlands. “However, they did need to find space for a white board.”

By installing a very simple but effective moveable wall system, Style delivered a flexible solution that can be opened and closed with ease, catering for the changing teaching requirements each day.

Devoted to the teaching of postgraduate courses, the Alan Walters Building opened at Birmingham University’s Edgbaston campus in September 2016. Providing a truly exceptional experience for future generations of postgraduate business students, the £10 development includes a Harvard-style lecture theatre as well as communal areas for studying and group work.  The IT room is used to teach the complexities of financial trading. 

“This is an unusual variation to our core business”, said Mike.  “Normally our walls divide a room into separate areas, however on this occasion the objective was quite different.”  When opened, the partitioning panels runs the full length of the windows and, being finished in a wipe- clean surface, can be used just as a traditional white board would be.  

To complement the modern interior design of the room, a ‘pure white’ moveable wall was deemed too stark and so a blend of two different tones of brown create a stunning effect.  Only the middle section is a writable board where the lecturer can write notes, draw diagrams and communicate with the students.

“Seeing this wall in place, we would definitely encourage other universities, colleges and schools to consider something similar, confirmed Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director.  “This is a really great solution that adapts a folding wall for a very different use.”

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