AUB to open three new arts facilities

Arts University Bournemouth is to open first UK drawing studio for a century with Lloyds Bank support

Sir Peter Cook has designed the first drawing studio to be built in Britain for more than 100 years.

The new studio, is one of three new facilities for ’s (AUB) campus.

In addition to the new drawing studio, AUB’s North Building has been extended to host a new state-of-the-art animation and photography studio and lecture theatre; while a new student services building now serves as a dedicated space for students to meet their advisors and support teams.

Lloyds Bank provided £7million to help fund the £17million investment project.

Mary O’Sullivan, director of finance and planning, commented: “Drawing is central to so many of the arts we teach at AUB. From traditional art, to creative design work, one way or another it always goes back to the drawing board. So Professor Sir Peter Cook’s studio is not only a huge attraction for our campus, it’s a great asset for our students who will benefit from it for years to come.  

The drawing studio is Sir Peter Cook’s first ever UK building. The renowned architect and former director of London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, is an alumnus of AUB.


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