ASK THE EXPERT, The impact of interior design on campus

By Laura Light, Concept Designer at Interface

Q. What impact can interior design have on a university campus?

A. When it comes to attracting students, first impressions count. A bespoke design scheme plays a big part in creating engaging environments – giving universities a memorable identity which will stay in the minds of potential students. After all, if given a choice we’d all prefer to learn, study and socialise in surroundings that are visually appealing and inspiring. Also, there’s often more than meets the eye when it comes to beautiful design as it can have a huge impact on our happiness, well-being and our productivity too.

Q. How can flooring make a difference to a design scheme?

A. As universities lean towards bolder, more stimulating design schemes, flooring is definitely taking centre stage. Modular flooring in particular can transform an open space into clearly-defined zones, creating multipurpose areas for both student and staff’s needs.

While traditional carpet is often limited to one texture, colour and pattern, modular flooring means universities can mix and match to create a tailored, diverse design. Our concept design team works with many universities to inject a new lease of life into campuses. Using a ‘design by tile’ approach, we’ve developed unique schemes that add accents of colour to communal areas – encouraging collaboration and innovation – and bring neutral, soothing shades and textures to quiet study zones for concentration.

Q. Can beautiful design be combined with maintenance?

A. Attractive design and durable design are by no means exclusive. One of the key benefits of modular flooring is that when an area becomes worn, an individual tile can easily be replaced with minimal disruptions – unlike changing the entire floor. This makes maintenance cost effective, as well as giving the flexibility to make changes to colour schemes.

In heavy footfall areas like university campuses, it’s inevitable that floors will eventually tire, so incorporating innovative design solutions like modular flooring means universities can develop beautiful design schemes without increasing maintenance cycles.


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