Asbestos: managing risk

How to reduce your risk through pro-active management

You’ve printed out your 250-page asbestos report from your asbestos management consultant. It’s at reception. There’s a sign-in sheet where external contractors sign to say they have read the asbestos report. They sign but they haven’t read it because they’re busy. Your contractor then goes on to disturb asbestos. What could you have done better as a Duty Holder to avoid this situation?

To be compliant, you need to have a system in place that ticks all the boxes. However, successful compliance requires continual, pro-active management.

How can you make your management system impactful?

The issue is clear. Despite the information being available to your contractors and teams, the message isn’t getting through or isn’t being understood. So how can you take your compliance information and make it work effectively?

Perhaps you might consider putting up asbestos warning stickers? The message would be clear as day, but this might affect how your other building users, students, and lecturers feel about their safety within your building. You want to protect your contractors and other individuals from the harm of asbestos exposure without causing alarm.

Alternatively, you might consider having someone escort contractors while on-site to ensure they don’t inadvertently disturb asbestos during their works; however, the cost impact on your budget would likely be too steep.

There are many solutions to achieving effective asbestos risk management and choosing the correct solution is vital to making your system work.

Lucion Services is the UK’s market-leading, UKAS accredited, asbestos testing, inspection and consultancy. For the past nine years, the Lucion Services team has been committed to becoming a thought leader in the asbestos industry, presenting new knowledge and best practices at its annual conference, Asbestos The Truth.

The 14th May 2020 will mark the tenth anniversary of the Asbestos The Truth Conference. Asbestos Risk Management Consultants, National Asbestos Contract Managers and Lucion services directors will be enabling delegates with the tools to implement an effective asbestos management system.

Moving away from exploring the reasons why duty holders should manage their asbestos risks, this year the conference will focus not only on how to manage asbestos but also on how to give your asbestos management activities impact through implementing best practices.

What can you gain from attending Asbestos The Truth?

Drawing on feedback from previous conferences about what delegates really want to hear and learn about. Using case studies and years of knowledge from Lucion industry professionals the conference will take you to the next level of asbestos management.

As environmental health in public buildings becomes more prevalent in the public eye, conference organiser Lucion Services is providing opportunities to access one-to-one advice with Lucion’s expert asbestos consultants. In addition, the conference will allow delegates to network with like-minded professionals as well as attend an optional Duty To Manage CPD training course hosted by award-winning training providers Lucion Consulting.


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