Arke: Visitor Entry Systems for Student Accommodation

Enhance student security without compromising on convenience with Arke, by Intreba

Arke lets students use their mobile phones to issue secure temporary access codes to their family and friends.

Students are automatically synchronised from the access control system; they’re added to Arke when they move in and are removed from the system when they move out.

Students receive a welcome SMS message when they are added to Arke. This message provides information on how they use the system and can be customised as required.

When a student invites someone, Arke delivers a randomised entry code directly to the visitor via a standard SMS message. This provides maximum compatibility as the visitor does not need an app, just their phone.

If you want to include extra information such as directions for visitor parking, you can do so without issue – the delivery message can be customised as needed to suit your specific requirements. 

Code usage is logged inside the access control system, providing visibility on visitor arrivals and departures. Unused codes are cleaned out of the system regularly, keeping security tight. 

The Arke web portal provides oversight of visit requests and arrivals, as well as configuration options and billing information.

Arke provides a smart experience for the visitor, convenience for the student and security for the site.

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