AJ Products UK turns 20!

AJ Products celebrates 20 years of improving workplaces in the UK

October 2019

In 1999, AJ Products opened its doors in the United Kingdom to share its unique Scandinavian outlook on how to improve the workplace with British businesses from all sectors. Since then, the company has expanded its product range and services to be able to supply and install premium office furniture, school furniture, lockers and changing room facilities, canteen furniture, shelving and racking, premises management equipment and much more.

A combination of over 20,000 quality products, expert knowledge, in-house design and manufacturing, and high service levels allows AJ Products to offer smart solutions for every workplace. The broad range features modern furniture with smart features designed to improve ergonomics, increase efficiency, inspire creativity and happiness, and last for many years.


Started by Anders Johansson in 1975 from his parents’ basement in Hyltebruk, Sweden, when he was just 19, the AJ Group has expanded across northern and eastern Europe in the years since to become the 19-country-strong company that it is today. Still a family-run business, the AJ Group now has over 800 employees and two factories. Today, 24,000 chairs and 11,000 desks are sold every month!

Chosen by The Telegraph earlier this year to represent Great British Business, AJ Products UK embraces its Swedish roots but adds a distinctly British twist, choosing the best manufacturing partners from around the UK to join its own manufactured products and those sourced from across Europe in order to be a brand that customers can rely on for quality and choice.

Surprisingly More

One of the things that separates AJ Products from the rest of the field is the breadth of the range on offer. The company started life as a supplier of materials handling equipment but, since then, has grown and diversified to cover all aspects of workplace furniture and equipment. The company motto is “Surprisingly More”: a sentiment that describes the extensive product range, quality and service levels. First coined by a customer, it sums up AJ Products as a business. The company is driven by a passion to deliver the best solution for each workplace.

The close relationship between product development and factories is a huge strength for AJ, allowing the company to stay at the forefront of new product design and maintain high quality levels while minimising its environmental footprint. Thanks to in-house design and production, flexible solutions can be developed to suit any business.

Looking to the future

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of employee health and wellbeing. There is little doubt that the workplace of the future will place greater emphasis on solutions that encourage physical activity during the workday.

Ergonomic design has been one of the cornerstones of AJ Products’ interior solutions and product development since the very beginning. In recent years, the business has dedicated its years of experience to developing a range of sit-stand office furniture to combat the dangers of sedentary behaviour. There is extensive research to suggest that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to health conditions including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and musculoskeletal problems. AJ encourages people to get fit while they work through a selection of affordable sit-stand desks and active office furniture. Moreover, the company is uniquely situated to be able to help businesses across all sectors prioritise employee wellbeing as the solutions extend to all types of workplaces including workshops, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

As part of its commitment to healthy workplaces, AJ Products is proud to be a member of ukactive, a not-for-profit organisation comprised of over 3,500 members and partners from across the UK active lifestyle sector whose aim is “to get more people, more active, more often”.

A familiar face

Thirty years after the AJ logo first appeared on a sporting uniform, AJ Products UK was proud to announce in September 2019 that the company was to be the official sponsor of referees in the UK’s Elite Ice Hockey League for the 2019/20 season. The AJ Group has a long history as an official sponsor of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, supporting the tournament every year since 1989. Look out for the distinctive red and yellow AJ logo at sporting stadiums throughout the country.

For more information on how AJ Products can support your business, visit ajproducts.co.uk,  our profile page or call 0800 634 4369.

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