Advanced Panic Bar Solutions

AIT, as a SALTO certified partner offer an advanced panic bar solution to be controlled with an electronic locking system

Most large organisations will have a series of emergency exits, designed to support the smooth evacuation of their building in the event of an emergency. As you would expect these exits are governed by specific regulations, requirements and standards. This includes that doors on an escape route are not fitted with a lock, latch or bolt fastening or they should only be fitted with a simple fastening that can be easily operated from the side that people approach to escape.

Of course there will be doors on an escape route that need to be secured against entry when the building or part of the building is in use and occupied. Again these should only be fitted with a lock or fastening which is readily operated without a key from the side people approach to escape. Where a door on an escape route is secured by a code, combination or an ID card (such as a proximity card) it should also be capable of being opened by those needing to escape. In these cases, the way of opening the door should be very apparent and not rely on a key or using more than one mechanism to unlock the door.

In buildings such as universities and colleges, doors on escape routes from rooms with a capacity of more than 60 people should either not be fitted with a lock, latch or bolts or be they should be fitted with a suitable panic bar that opens outwards when pressure is applied. If emergency exits with panic bars need to be secured they should default to open and release on activation of a fire alarm. However, if this does not suit the security requirements for a recognised secure area of the organisation a green ‘break glass’ emergency door release mechanism must be placed by the door and be clearly signed. On breaking the glass, the doors power is shut off enabling the door to open.

AIT, as a SALTO certified partner offer an advanced panic bar solution that enables emergency exit doors equipped with panic bars to be controlled with an innovative standalone electronic locking system. The SALTO solution can be fitted, in combination, with adaptor kits, to more than 40 leading panic bars from the most popular manufacturers and it doesn’t matter if you have mortise or rim panic bars, SALTO will have a solution to suit your needs.

Simple offline installation means it is possible for any type of door including those with narrow frames and suits door thicknesses of 30mm to 120mm. A wide range of ID technologies are supported including DESFire, HID, iClass etc. SALTO offer approximately 32 different panic bar kits.

If you would like to learn more about SALTO’s panic bar solutions you can visit our website or please call us on 0113 273 0300 or email


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