Access control system updated

Sateon, the browser-based access control system from Grosvenor Technology, has received a new update, adding even greater functionality

Sateon 2.8 now automatically deactivates lost ID cards or tokens when replacements are issued. This cuts down on manual system administration and also ensures security is not compromised in the event of a card being lost or stolen.

A range of new graphical tools, including navigable real-time maps, allows easy monitoring and analysis of building access, while the new ‘time patterns’ function allows for building automation and pre-programmed access at scheduled times via a simple calendar interface. In addition, the new scheduled reports feature allows custom reports to be automatically printed or emailed at a set time.

Sateon allows system managers and security staff to log in via a secure portal from any device, eliminating the need for additional software. Its powerful design supports a wide range of tasks, from monitoring visitor movements to producing custom management reports and setting automatic alarm protocols.

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