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Nicolas Berg, strategic marketing manager, presentation and communications, at Sony Europe tells us about the Vision Presenter solution

✥What makes the Vision Presenter unique as a solution in the education market?

In the modern education environment, all kinds of content – including videos, still images, presentation slides, websites, and video conferencing – need to be harnessed for effective teaching, particularly in larger classrooms and auditoria. A seamless multi-media system has therefore become a crucial tool for any educator. Until now it has been extremely difficult to share multiple sources of content simultaneously on one screen, requiring extensive, highly technical equipment. Sony’s Vision Presenter PWA-VP100 now makes this easier, enabling teachers to display content from multiple sources – live feeds, websites and storage drives alike – creating engaging and interactive presentations that inspire students.

✥How does Vision Presenter actually work?

It uses a 4K viewing system which can display four times as much information as HD, allowing information from multiple sources to appear together in high quality, even on a large screen. Its intuitive interface then allows easy drag-and-drop control of the information sources and their layout on-screen via a wireless mouse or tablet. Overall it enables easy creation of engaging multi-media presentations, stimulating discussion and learning.

✥What has been the most significant trend in edtech in the past 12 months and how does the Vision Presenter fit with this?

The continued proliferation of connected devices means that teachers are now able to enjoy and drive greater interaction with students, supporting collaborative learning. Vision Presenter reflects this trend by allowing teachers to easily control multiple sources of content at once via a wireless mouse or tablet, boosting engagement and therefore learning. This in turn helps teachers to become facilitators or coaches, rather than just presenters of lesson material, and reflects a shift in approach we’re seeing across the entirety of the education sector.

ʉϴWhat are the biggest challenges facing the education industry at the moment Рhow does technology help address them?

Students are engaging with content continuously in their daily lives, and have come to expect the same level of interactivity in the classroom. The most effective technologies meet this ongoing demand for engaging multi-media content, meaning that interactive learning has become a must. Marrying the expectations of students with technologies that seamlessly support and augment the work of teachers is crucial, and this ultimately empowers open and collaborative learning – a prominent theme on the edtech agenda.

✥What are the biggest advantages of using the Vision Presenter for teachers?

The clear advantage is the greater opportunity to inspire and excite students. Sony’s professional WUXGA or 4K projectors show rich, detailed content from websites and storage drives, and Sony’s PTZ and BRC cameras capture content, but bringing these things together is the key. The Vision Presenter empowers presenters with the ability to interact with a number of content sources at the same time and deploy them for maximum impact, either on a single or super-sized edge-blended screen using two separate projectors. The flexibility of the solution also means that teaching professionals can display a variety of content, in a variety of layouts and easily switch this around accordingly to bring lessons or university lectures to life.

✥What are your predictions for the use of 4K in the education arena?

The demand for 4K has been driven by customers’ desire to see enhanced picture quality and experience greater immersion through larger screen sizes in both business and home environments. It’s fair to say that every HD customer today is likely to be a 4K customer tomorrow, for exactly the same reason they moved from SD to HD, and it’s only natural that this demand is now entering the education market. It is Sony’s role as a market leader in 4K to respond to that demand, drawing on extensive experience in 4K – from film production through live events and home TVs – to help educators unlock its potential

To learn more about the Vision Presenter, please visit: https://bit.ly/1dcJoPw 

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