A university education at Croydon

Croydon College offers a variety of high-quality HE courses in a number of subjects

Croydon College is a passionate place – about teaching, learning and its ability to transform lives; it’s also a full partner with The University of Sussex (which topped global rankings once again this month), offering high quality university degrees in the London borough of Croydon.

The college is one of the largest providers of higher education between London and Brighton, and the combination of high-quality, innovative courses and excellent staff-to-student ratios make Croydon an outstanding choice for university-level education.

Some of Croydon’s courses can be condensed; students might be timetabled to attend two – three days per week enabling them to work, or meet other responsibilities, and fees for many of its courses are amongst the lowest in the region.

Significant investment in major refurbishments has provided excellent dedicated resources for students. Alongside this, the majority of its degree level courses are validated and awarded by the University of Sussex.

One way in which Croydon differs from most universities is its style of teaching; the college teaches its students in small groups and provides lots of one-to-one attention. Students are treated very much as individuals, and receive the support they need from lecturers, who are there to teach and help students achieve their goals.

About half of Croydon’s students study their degrees part-time, often combining a job with their studies, so the staff have plenty of experience in ensuring everything runs smoothly if students decide to continue to earn while they learn.

“The highlights of the last academic year have included several First Class Honours Degrees awarded and a notable increase in students offered places for postgraduate study.”  – Helen Spruce,  Associate Dean

The largest degree programme at Croydon College is Public Health and Social Care – a route into nursing, midwifery and social care; employment areas where demand for high-level skills and expertise is growing.  

Croydon also offers degrees in Early Childhood Studies and Education, which offer opportunities to forge rewarding careers in childcare or teaching, and because these degrees offer work placements, Croydon’s students are one step ahead when competing for employment.

The college also offers degrees in Law (LLB) – (this is a full Qualifying Law Degree (QLD) validated by London Met) and  Criminology, Psychology and Social Justice – paving the way for fascinating careers or postgraduate study.

For the entrepreneurial and business-minded, there is a degree in Business, equipping students to chart successful careers in the corporate world or the public sector, or, to join the ranks of the start-ups and the self-employed. 

There are also professional qualifications in Accountancy (AAT) and Human Resources.

Why would anyone study for a degree at Croydon College?

•       Fees are £6000 per year (£9000+ at traditional universities)

•       Students are likely to earn more – according to government figures graduates earn over £360,000 more over a 40-year working life, than someone without a degree.

•        Students will have a wider range of jobs available to them – by 2022 half of all jobs are expected to require a degree-level qualification (UK Commission for Employment and Skills).

•       Students study worthwhile, valuable subjects with lecturers who are experts in their field.

•       Students build their employability skills by taking part in work experience, industry placements or joint projects with industry and government agencies.

Croydon School of Art

The UK’s creative industries are now worth a record £84.1 billion to the UK economy – it’s an area that’s truly thriving. If the creative industries are where potential students see their future, Croydon is a good place to start that journey.

Fashion, Fine Art, Film and Visual Communication are just a selection of degree level courses on offer at the Croydon School of Art (CSoA). Those studying at CSoA are following in the footsteps of giants; the likes of Lucienne Day and David Bowie are alumni. 

Other well-known past students include some of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, including Malcolm McLaren, who went on to manage the Sex Pistols, Ray Davies, lead singer of the Kinks, painter Bridget Riley, a leader of the Op Art movement, and international fashion designer John Rocha.

More recent alumni include TV star Noel Fielding of Mighty Boosh, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and Great British Bake Off fame.

There has been a school of art in Croydon since 1868, bringing a rich and fascinating legacy of British artistic and cultural life to Croydon College. Today, the school continues to inspire those who choose to study there. All degree level courses at CSoA are validated by the University of Sussex. 

Teaching: the personal touch

Although Croydon College has one of the largest university centres in the South East, there aren’t hundreds of students on individual courses, so all students get to know their tutors really well and spend lots of their time in small groups and classes. This is at the core of how the CSoA works, helping to create a vibrant creative community in which its students thrive.

Collaboration for creativity

The opportunity for students to work with the latest computers and digital facilities within the open-plan studios also encourages collaboration between disciplines, allowing students to explore the current boundaries of visual language.

The school has:

•  Large traditional print rooms

•  Well resourced photographic studio

•  Workshops for resistant materials and casting

•  Large photographic darkrooms

•  Open plan degree studios

•  Sound recording studios

•  Dedicated performance theatre with two rehearsal rooms

•  Jackman Theatre for film and set design

•  Animation room with green screen facilities

•  A number of industry-standard Mac suites

•  A state-of-the-art Gerber digital pattern cutting machine

•  Fashion machine rooms

CSoA also maintains links with its past by retaining much of its traditional screen-printing, etching, relief printing, and letterpress equipment.

The Parfitt Gallery

The college is immensely proud of its gallery, which you’ll find at the centre of Croydon College.

The Gallery stages exhibitions by established artists and designers alongside shows by staff, students and work from the school’s artist-in-residence programmes; it’s a fantastic opportunity for students to show their work in a professional environment where it will be seen by members of the public as well as the college’s community.

Art alumni include the sculptor Juan Muñoz, award-winning scenic designer Ian MacNeil, and Helen Chadwick and Sean Scully who have both been Turner Prize nominees.Visit the Parfitt Gallery soon, and you might spot the next Turner Prize-winner at the start of an illustrious career…          

Croydon School of Art also offers further education courses for school leavers in Performing Arts, Music, Media, Film and Animation, Art, Design, and Fashion.

If you would like to see more of the campus, visit our 360o   Googlemaps tour of the college here.

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