2017 Food Trends

2016 has seen the food map evolve, with street food and an ever expanding range of food, with ‘superfoods’ firmly cemented in the consumers repertoire. Forecasting what will happen in 2017 is always interesting, and these are our thoughts as we go into the New Year.

We have monitored many publications and use these to watch what is happening in the market place, however MC Allegra’s Top of Mind Report 2016 is a great starting point.

There is much debate around changing Millennial behaviour – and it will be the most important long-term consumer trend; a new generation of 18-34 year olds seeking bespoke and premiumisation. This group understand and like Street food – the channel most widely expected to continue to outperform, and more mobile lifestyles, associated with convenience-led attitudes – to boost the fast growing food-to-go market and self-serve options e.g. John Lewis moving to self-serve coffee.

Lunch remains the key meal but is losing out as breakfast shows phenomenal growth and has been recently described as ‘event’ breakfasts – statement meals shared with friends and invariably involving an avocado, a poached egg and some chia seeds. It’s all about the protein.”

However whatever you do in 2017 remember the quote from Clive Schlee the Pret boss: ‘we prefer to spend money on ingredients, teams and long-term charitable work than advertising’: very pertinent for every catering team!

Charles Manners

Director of Tupin Smale Catering Consultants Turpin Smale, a leading UK catering consultancy, has been established for 25 years. The team focus on providing specialist catering advice to museums, visitor attractions, farm shops, universities and workplace catering.


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