York gets set for more sporting success

New multi-use sports facility at University of York set to benefit students, staff and local community

Rubb Buildings Ltd is to design, manufacture and construct a new sports facility at York University

The new 40m wide x 55m long steel and fabric clad structure will replace a Rubb BVE building installed in 2006 and will feature a taller apex height of 13.4m and higher internal clear centre height of 11.9m. The Mansard multi-pitch roof provides a greater internal volume of playing space at 20,600m3. 

The sports building will include a central, premier standard, multi-sports court for recreational and performance level basketball, netball, badminton, futsal and volleyball.

The area can be divided into three sections, which can each accommodate a basketball or volleyball court or up to four badminton courts. With vertical netting the facility can be transformed to create a full hall show court for all sports including basketball, which will be supported by drop-down basketball nets and three scoreboards. 

The 6.7m-high sidewalls and end gables will feature 80mm thick steel cladding, and Rubb’s Thermohall insulated fabric membrane will complete the roof of the facility. 

Dale Robinson, Rubb UK’s Structural Engineer, says: “The new permanent facility had a brief to provide a greater internal height clearance to give the university better opportunities to achieve more competitive sports events within the facility; with the main emphasis on badminton. 

“The new sports building has an increased internal height clearance and has an increase of internal clear volume of 65% of the existing temporary structure. This allows for a wider range of sports, will enhance the experience of the users and give a greater sense of space.

“The new facility incorporates many enhanced services and sporting equipment and the co-ordination has been paramount to ensure every item is catered for in the design. The building was designed to utilise the existing foundations and a rigorous design process took place to ensure there were minimal modifications. The university will benefit greatly from the new facility, which I am sure will enhance their highly renowned sports programme.” 

The sports building will also include a storage room for equipment. One main glass panel entrance door, six double pedestrian doors and one 4x4m roller shutter door provide access and egress to the sports hall. A dividing glass partition will be constructed between the playing area and the viewing walkway. A high level, gas fired heating system and LED lighting system, both designed to Sport England specifications will be installed in the sports facility. 

While the building will be used primarily for sport, it will also be available for conferences and academic exam hall provision.


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