Then and now: Aston University

As Aston University celebrates its 50th anniversary, we take a look at the campus through the years

Chancellor’s Lake – According to student folklore, this is heart-shaped because it’s at the heart of the University and the heart of Birmingham city centre

What is now the European Bioenergy Research Institute building – Over the years, the building has been the Aston Centre for the Arts, a BBC Studios, a cinema, a wrestling arena and had many more functions besides. It is now home to Aston’s European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) which houses a Pyrofomer/Gasifier power plant providing power to the building and parts of the campus. It is the first power plant of its kind in Europe.

University Library – Designed by Basil Spence, the library was remodelled in 2010 and has a dedicated social study spaces, computer work stations, flexible meeting ‘pods’ and a cafe area, offering students a great environment in which to work together on projects. The library is now linked to Aston’s highly efficient Combined Heat and Power Plant

Main entrance – The original entrance is now housed within the University’s main reception since the addition the North and South Wings to the main building in the 1960s

The Doug Ellis Woodcock sports centre

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