TEL shuts the sash

A new launch from Temperature Electronics could help academic institutions achieve their energy consumption and low carbon targets

As the Shut the Sash campaign gathers momentum in universities on both sides of the Altantic, UK based electronic airflow control and monitor manufacturer and consultant, Temperature Electronics Ltd (TEL), has launched an upgraded auto sash controller to help academic institutions and industrial operations to achieve their energy consumption and carbon emission targets.

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has stipulated a reduction of carbon emissions across the university sector by 43% by 2020 (against a 2005 baseline). Shut the Sash aims to help academic institutions to achieve this reduction by encouraging laboratory-based students, researchers and staff to close fume cupboard hoods when the units are not in use.

In many universities and industrial operations, manual closure and therefore the mindfulness of users is required. TEL’s auto sash controllers automatically close cupboards when they detect that there is no operator present, making the minimisation of energy consumption and carbon emissions easier to achieve.

This summer, TEL has upgraded its auto sash controllers. Unlike many on the market, TEL’s products now feature a digital display, facilitating easier calibration and operation. They also incorporate a new under sash sensor in place of the original light curtain; this has resulted in a 25% reduction in price.


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