Strategic estates planning, with Fusion

Sponsored: Because, for any organisation, modern facilities play a crucial role in delivery and transformation

The need for a stronger emphasis on service-driven strategic estates planning as a key enabler, with clear and explicit links with wider strategic objectives, is increasingly acknowledged.

Fusion’s approach to strategic estates planning, in higher education, healthcare and other sectors, focuses on effective local engagement and on establishing a strong evidence base linked directly to strategic objectives and operational delivery – identifying future needs, not just those of today.

As an example, the University of Liverpool recognised the benefits of this approach and Fusion has worked with them closely since 2015 across all elements of estate development, ensuring alignment between individual needs and overall strategy, working as an enabler and catalyst for change when communicating with academics and professional staff.

Fusion worked to develop a long-term, education and research-led Estate Strategy, to clarify capacity requirements, engage the entire organisation and define an overarching vision and masterplan, underpinned by modelling of future activity and demand, benchmarking, best practice research and extensive consultation.

We continue to work with the University to develop their masterplan and supporting sub-strategies for a wide range of projects, to clarify scale and scope, identify preferred options and build ownership, including:

 – Major developments for the Schools of Electrical Engineering and Environmental Sciences

 – Libraries

 – Lecture theatres and seminar rooms

 – Facilities for music and performance

 – Architecture

 – Strategies and practical solutions for Life Sciences and Veterinary education and research

Fusion has successfully delivered some 200 projects with a strong focus on ensuring that estate development supports strategic direction, core objectives and operational requirements, facilitates transformation, and is efficient and sustainable in environmental, social and economic terms.

As specialists in strategic estates planning – from vision and strategy to detailed planning and delivery – Fusion has the experience to deliver, focusing on targeted investment and avoiding uneconomic expenditure.

Contact: Adrian Vickers – – 07515 288100; Gareth Jones – – 07919 335313

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