Recycle more and waste less with a new Method

In the UK there are some hefty recycling goals. To achieve them there needs to be consistency and standardisation in the industry from beginning to end

One of the greatest issues facing the wider recycling industry today is confusion – no one really knows what is going on.

Here in the UK we have some pretty hefty recycling goals, and to achieve them there needs to be consistency and standardisation in the industry from the beginning to end. Organisations don’t have the power to change the whole system, but they can change what happens in their facilities, while the good people at WRAP work on unifying the wider system.

Method Recycling redesigned the way modern spaces recycle so that doing your part to recycle more and waste less becomes simple but effective.

What’s the problem?

Let’s be honest here, recycling takes a certain amount of motivation at the personal level. Whether that’s taking the time to educate ourselves, seeking to find the right bin or even simply leaving the comfort of a desk to recycle. Desk bins, standalone general waste bins or bins hidden in cupboards compound these issues, making it easier for users to place all of their waste into one bin unnoticed. This is further complicated when an individual is in a different area, meaning the need to spend time hunting for the right recycling bin, often placing it in the nearest receptacle.

While we’re spending more on the aesthetics of our spaces if we want to reduce the impact of our day-today behaviours on the environment the design and layout of our bins is important. As pictured, one of Method’s clients had an array of bins and signage that were located sporadically throughout their building. There’s no intention to shame any organisation implementing recycling bins in their space; but to have a real impact on recycling rates, recycling should be convenient, consistent in design and location and intuitive. That’s where Method comes in.

 Recycle more with Open Plan Recycling

Method’s 60L recycling and waste bins are designed to be placed together to form flexible recycling stations that are then located consistently throughout a space or facility. They’re colour coded to complement modern spaces while matching industry standards. Bringing the colour-coded stations out into the open-plan design of modern spaces makes the bins stand out, easy to find and the same in all spaces. Meaning that when individuals move from one floor, building or department to the other, the bins are all the same.

This becomes even more applicable when there are multiple buildings for the same company, locally or globally. Most importantly, regular interaction with consistent bins means that recycling will become an unconscious behaviour, while making recycling more convenient than general waste options. Further, by bringing recycling and waste out into the open you increase accountability. When individuals are in the view of others, they’re more likely to consider where their waste should go, even subconsciously.

The Power of Visibility

Visibility is one of the key factors that has led to the success of the Method system. Having the beautiful bins proudly out in the open increases awareness and develops a culture of shared responsibility. The bins become a visible statement of an organisation’s commitment to recycling and sustainability; generating conversations and changing recycling habits at work and subsequently at home. Are you ready to make a visible difference with an effective recycling system?

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