Raising the alarm

This deaf-friendly fire-safe pillow alarm acts as a swift warning fire system

Universities must provide an inclusive environment for students with visible and hidden disabilities to be compliant with the Equality Act 2010.

Supporting students who are deaf or hard of hearing with their individual needs can enhance their university experience. Everything from deafness awareness, British Sign Language training and hearing induction loops, to visible signage must be addressed as well as fire safety procedures, including how they will alert their students in the event of a fire.

Andy Collinson, CEO of Geofire, innovators of fire technology, explains the importance of fire safety and giving students independence within halls of residence.

“Our Agrippa pillow alarm is perfect for universities to ensure that they are compliant with not only the Equality Act but also fire regulations. It alerts someone who is sleeping if the fire alarm sounds, making it ideal for students with hearing difficulties in student accommodation.”

The Agrippa Pillow Fire Alarm is a battery-powered wire-free unit with a pad attachment that goes under the user’s pillow. It can be programmed to learn the exact sound of the fire alarm.

In the event of a fire alarm being activated, the pillow pad will vibrate to wake the student. A high-intensity flashing LED light and an LCD screen display of ‘fire’, ensures the student is swiftly alerted allowing them to follow the fire evacuation procedure. As the alarm is compact and portable it can be moved around a hall of residence as required. It also has a clock and an alarm function so can be used on a daily basis.

Andy continues: “Making a simple adjustment such as a pillow alarm, can ensure the university meets the needs of their students, providing the best service, as well as keeping them safe and ensuring that no one is discriminated against because of their support needs.”

For more information on the Agrippa pillow fire alarm, visit www.geofire.co.uk

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